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I'd say the iPad 2 reached "end of life" the moment Tim announced the price in October. Why would you pay 399 when you can have a Retina Mini for the same price, or a brand new state of the art Air for a hundred more? Weird move keeping the thing around.
Don't let the sour grapes get you down. Kudos for calling it right.
It's a great game. In my mind it's tied with The Last of Us for game of the year.
Interesting. I didn't expect a launch like this but guess we will know for sure in a couple hours.
I mostly use google maps, but two things irritate me enough to occasionally use iOS maps: I hate being asked to sign into a google account whenever gMaps loads (I don't have one, I'm not making one just to end the harassment) and I dont understand why they removed the ability to manually drag you route to modify it on the fly. Say I want to take such and such highway instead of the other highway, but everything else is the same. iOS maps let's you do that, gMaps used to,...
Miss my old 1.5 gen iPod. Synaptic click wheel, FireWire, portal sound chip, and SQ that made the current gen sound like garbage. It just worked so perfectly, and was an amazingly well designed bit of tech.
Updated and things seem to be stable so far. Much better than the freezing once every hour it was before. Hopefully they will stay fixed.
 EXACTLY! The main point of my post, which was apparently lost to easily bruised egos, is that 256GB fills up fast if you create and consume a lot of media like I do. What do I do with a gorgeous retina display? I edit photos and video, A LOT of photos and video. Besides, if all you're doing is surfing the web and watching youtube, what in God's name are YOU doing with a retina display when a MBA would probably work just fine if not better for you considering it's longer...
 iSuppli (now IHS) broke down the BOM for the 2013 MBA back in July, and the cost of the chips required for 4GB of DRAM? About 15 bucks, just like I said. 15.86 if I recall correctly. According to the iFixit teardown, the late 2013 rMBP uses the exact same chips, not surprisingly. No, I don't factor in the R&D etc costs into that, because those are already part of the calculations for the base model. Anything beyond that is strictly materials, as the only difference...
If you're going to pick one up, splurge and get the 512GB model. The bump in processor speed is meaningless, but trying to juggle a standard load of apps and media on only 256GB without constantly running into that capacity wall gets old, fast. Even with my iPhoto library offloaded to an external drive, I'm usually sitting at 20-25GB of free space, which slows everything down. With SSD prices being what they are, 256 should be the baseline, not 512. Then again, it's...
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