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What does a CDMA carrier want with a GSM carrier? That sounds like a headache in the making.
Thankfully there are still multiple companies that will unlock your phone in about an hour for ten bucks. I do business in Europe and even with multiple plane tickets proving this, plus 16 years of service with them, ATT refused to unlock my phone for when I travel. Thankfully it wasn't hard to find a service online that would. I unlock all my phones now the day I buy them.
 Not the 2013 iMac's, however, which was a weird choice all around. I guess Apple decided they only wanted Mac Pro/Macbook Pro Retina owners to have access to high end storage tech. Whatever. USB 3 is fast enough for my needs, and TB tech is still ridiculously overpriced so  I can't say it's a feature I'll miss in my new desktop.
Ugh. Amen. Windows does this too and it's so irritating. System pauses for a moment while external drives spin up, regardless of whether or not I'm actually utilizing them for a transfer. Slows everything down.
Hmm. Not the shuffle I bought this summer. Wanted it engraved with name and phone number since I use it at the gym and lost my last one.Is the paid shipping just for accessories maybe? I've never bought accessories from the online store so not sure about that one.
Unless you select expedited shipping, isn't it always free? I've purchased iPods, iPads, iPhones and an iMac from Apple online, yet have never paid a dime for shipping.
Wow... what a joke. Many places like target are offering a discount ontop of a hundred dollar gift card, which you can spend on real items, not just downloads from the app/iTunes Store. Glad I pulled the trigger and ordered that new Air from Target last night instead of waiting for Apple's sale announcement.
 Which is exactly what LA Unified discovered, only it was the roll out of iPads that turned out to be the disaster. At least Ireland realized that tablets in the classroom was an idea not quite ready for prime time, whereas here in the states, we admit defeat by decreasing the 2014 allotment from 135 million to just 45.
Or you could just walk into most AT&T or Best Buy stores and pick one up right now, and not wait 3-5 days for shipping.
In all fairness, the smart watch is a tough nut to crack. That a major company is even trying with a big push is hopeful news to those of us who have wanted one for a long time. I'm glad there are those of you out there who don't want such a thing, but there are many of us who do. Being able to check notifications and control certain phone functionality without having to pull a phone out of our pocket, bag, or suitcase, such as at a meeting, dinner, etc where such a...
New Posts  All Forums: