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 People like those who's provider is Straight Talk, hmm? Because of weirdness with their carrier profile, data never works properly unless you manually change the APN settings. In the past, this wasn't an issue, but with 7.1 those settings revert back to default, which disables ANY data, as well as MMS. It's not just Straight Talk, either, as many MVNO's have this issue. Android users have full access to their cellular network settings, whereas Apple users do not, because...
Lagging, freezing, and horrible battery life. Did an experiment over the weekend: turned the phone one without opening any apps, put it in airplane mode and let it sit for a couple hours. In three hours it was down to 75%. Did a full restore, repeated the experiment: 77% after three hours. Not sure what's up, but there are some rogue processes running somewhere. Thankfully I alway save my SHSH blobs, and downgraded back to 7.0.4. I'm sure they'll fix it, but I'm not going...
That mockup looks ridiculous. The only way I'd go for a larger screen is if Apple did away with the bezel around the edges and made the screen seamless from side to side.
Maybe if music these days didn't suck so hard, people would buy more. Can't even blame file sharing anymore, so now that that skapegoat is out of the picture, the major labels have no one to blame but themselves. As for Apple, they were just late to the streaming game, and when they finally joined the party, they didn't show up with anything that distinguished them from the established competition. They honestly think "exclusive content" is going to bring consumers back?...
Oh. My god. Enough. You lost. Get over it. You can't control everything, Tim.
lol. "Irrational stock dips." The market was less than impressed with Apple's performance, and reacted accordingly. That's not irrational, that's the stock market doing its thing. What's "irrational" is Apple saying its stock is worth what it says it's worth. That's not how it works, Tim. If you want to take your ball and go home, that's fine, but this Apple apologist "article" is just silly.
I wasn't aware IC's were sensitive to cold. Batteries and moving parts, sure, but since when is any SoC sensitive to a mildly low temp like -2F? We use tablets and SSD-based ultrabooks up on the slope, and the only sensitivity in both I've noticed is the LCD screens getting sluggish around -25F. If anything, I'd expect the HUD display to fail before any of the integrated features.   Also: the website photos make the HUD look like a color display, but in your photo, it...
Addictive? Uh huh. Played it for five minutes before growing annoyed with it's poor design and control mechanics, and deleted it. He was probably tired of getting death threats over the stupid thing.
He said the same thing last year, and all we got were updates of existing products. Tim needs to stop with the red herrings, and focus on actually releasing new products in new categories.
Getting busted artificially manipulating market prices sucks. I'd say I hope Apple learned their lesson, but seeing how they seem more indignant about the public humiliation than embarrassed about cheating the consumer, I'm gonna guess they probably aren't.
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