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You're begging the question, tonton. "Hater" is bigoted language because it judges motives - and does it based on lies and stereotypes. How many Christians have told you they hate gays?
Check swing....
Baseless assertion/quip without any context or evidence.
Probably the most insidious part of the progressive movement is the language used. The term "Haters" for instance. Question for BR, (or any other progressives/Leftists here) how many Christians do you know have told you that they hate gays? (Or have said even anything similar?) Progressives somehow judge the intentions of entire religious groups -- ??? -- something no one can do -- and end up disparaging people in the most bigoted way conceivable. Using stereotypes based...
BR, I think you meant to type:           You're welcome.
If Bush/Cheney didn't like someone, they had them waterboarded.   If Obama/Biden doesn't like someone, they murder them with a drone.
You can't use current climate science to make predictions --> and being right 50% of the time isn't all that scientific.   The rest is FUD and hoping, and hope isn't a scientific process. The golbalwarministas are too similar to the hyperinflation hypochondriacs -- every news cycle "oh it's really coming this time" or "it's right around the corner."   Mann is the Gary North of climate science. Anchorage just had the coldest summer in 50 years, and just a few...
Nice, BR, don't address the point, just make an idiotic, out-of-context comment. If you aren't capable of dealing with the issues as they exist in a country where:           ...maybe you need to find something else to "comment" on. Do the math -- unless that's too much to ask -- chronic conditions are ruining our healthcare system, and those conditions could be reduced to nearly nothing with diet and exercise.
Out in Alaska, too.
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