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I have the bigger brother version of this keyboard for the iPad Retina and it works quite well. The small keys do take a bit of time to get used to but it's otherwise a great accessory. Taking notes on it during meetings is far better than having to lug a heavy MBP 15 from room to room. I wonder how cramped the keyboard is going to be considering the iPad Mini has such a smaller footprint.
I ordered mine today as soon as it was available. Bought the "base" version but it's quite sufficient for my needs. If you added up the new Retina Display, 256GB SSD, dual Thunderbolt ports and other improvements over the existing 15" MBP, it's actually a very fair deal. And my EPP discount paid for the sales tax. Will be delivered some time between 6/22 - 6/25. Checked the store later in the day and now shipping time is up to 2-3 weeks. 
Ah, okay... still not news to me. The only thing this will do is ease the "congestion" at Caffe Macs. If you get there after 11:30am, it's nearly impossible to find a seat. Woopdie doo. 
Hmm... what is this? Caffe Macs II? They already have Caffe Macs in the courtyard in the middle of Infinite Loop 1, 2, 3, 4. And you need to get through all the security to eat here (unless you're an invited guest) and you can't pay with cash or CC. Payment is tied to the Apple employee badges.    So how is this news?
Those in the iTunes marketing team that I deal with are "out of the office until the 16th." A call to one of them confirmed they are in Vegas.
Yeah, but does it have the GI Joe Kung Fu grip? (fans of Eddie Murphy's standup will know what I'm talking about)
I have to say... I upgraded my early 2011 MBP 13" with an OCW 128GB SSD + 8GB of RAM and it's pretty damn speedy. Start up, shut down and app open times are almost as quick as my MBA 13". I am salivating at how speedy an MBA-like MBP 15" would be, especially with a discreet graphics card. My MBP will be up so sale immediately once the specs are finalized and released!
I didn't want to wait. Picked up a 13" MBP and upgraded with an OCW SATA 3 SSD and 8GB of RAM. Who needs a minor spec bump when you can create some bad ass goodness at home?
I WAS going to get the Crucial M4 but after reading many high marks for the OWC Mercury SSDs, ordered one and installed yesterday. The difference between SATA II and SATA III SSDs is most noticeable during start up. WOW.
Hi. Considering an MBP to replace an aging ThinkPad. While doing my research, noticed that many MBP owners have had problems upgrading the HDD with a 3rd party SSD - those from Crucial (M4, C300), Intel (the new 510 series) and so on. Seems like the problem exists with SATA 3 drives as far as I can tell. So which SSDs DO work without headaches for MBPs? I don't feel like paying the extra $ to get an Apple "branded" SSD - which is really a Toshiba but I've never even...
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