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sorry to hear it, i ended up using them a few years ago and found no problems selling them my macbook -- in all fairness to the people @ cashforlaptops.com
how might that have happened? this MacBook is only 3 months old, and i haven't had any problems before????? if you're right is there any way i can salvage my files?
not even sure if this is a Hardware or OS question, but this morning i went to my MacBook which i had left on(only iTunes and Last.FM running). There was no music playing, but i figured my play list must have ended. I tried to start up some music, but nothing was responding, force quitting, or anything... so i forced a shutdown by holding down the Power Button, i then tried re-booting. Its happened before, there was no panic. I then went to do the whole Sht/Shr/Shv routine...
hey folks, i need some help... well specific help... well i need technical help... i am working with a crew of guys in school to re-make a 10-minute play into a film. we have already shot all the footage and now have to edit. my editor is not a Mac-fearing fellow, but has a decent setup for his PC @ home. as the director, i want to be able to work on the project with him and even on my own. so when he is done is there any way for him to save the Adobe Premiere project(he...
for a 5+ year old laptop that doesn't run that well to begin with? i'd rather just get whatever i can out of it and get a mini... i never used the laptop for travel or anything like that so i might as well go inexpensive and small... like i do with my hookers
my ti finally did it... may it rest in peace, its power cord went and the battery is too old to run for more than 15 minutes without going to sleep. i've been looking for the longest time for a buyer of it and recently found www.cashforlaptops.com although i'm a bit leary about them, it seems very hard to contact and i'd like to get some money for that hunk of junk so that i can try to get a new mac once the new OS is here. has anyone ever heard of this company? anyone...
two questions for all of you because i know that i have zero inside knowledge on the issue. 1. I'm not patient and already only a few days into spring i'm becoming very impatient. If its a guess or even some kind of a guesstimation of the release date? i just want some day on my calendar to circle. 2. in the past i remember that the OS has been discounted for folks who bought a new desktop/laptop within some period of time, 6 months or something like that... does anyone...
If they do it would have to be priced much higher than the OS would be for a Mac, like 300+ because Macs would sell much, much less than they do now. i personally like them for the OS and wouldn't stay loyal to a Mac when i could save on a home made, refurb intel.
when is this E3 you speak of anyhow???
interesting... it certainly brings a new meaning to a closet gamer
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