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This is apple you are talking about! Try changing the battery in your iphone or macbook! Apple: Think Different; fuck the earth!
Hey apple, ditch the Xeon! some core 17 chips can run in 2 socket MOBOs, and can use non ECC ram and for Gods sake, just let your BIOS/EFI work with over teh counter Windows GPU cards...the best GPU in Macs is still at least on average 12-18 months behind windows workstations. Then with the one chip model they could easily get the price down to $1000-1200
IANAL but why does "on a screen" suddenly make something patent able? a metaphore to a physical action is not a new idea and a sliding bolt lock is also not a new idea...
Never count out MS...they are known for their third iteration being a hit -- windows 3.1 for example... Windows CE on checkbook size PCs that connected to external modems in the mid 90s was attempt 1, Windows Pocket PC/Mobile on palm like devices and phones like the Palm Treo was take 2, Win Phone is try three. the one where they get it right usually...and they have xbox and Zune, which gives them a leg up in gaming, and subscribtion music on every phone, apple cant do...
Prediction of transcript from a WWDC meeting next summer "Sorry international folks, the new iPhone 5 with iOS6 finally gets Siri right outside of USA." LOL
I just want to make sure I got this right -- Apple bought SIRI that worked on a 3gs, made it break if you are outside of the US, and then artificially limited it to the 4s? seems quite silly to me -- am I incorrect?
i guss this must be the first one ive watched other than the wwdc or macworld announcements...shocked that the reporters are cheering, or is it some staged "amen corner" thing?
My first post was freindly ribbing, my second is a real question - wtf are the reporters cheering?
Alright - this thread made me go to apple.com and watch some of the launch announcement - this is a press event, not a fan event liek mac world or a dev event like WWDC - so this must mean that the positive mac journalism is bought and paid for - press dont cheer at press conferences! I never once heard the AP, NYT or ESPN guys roar with applaud when a superstar walks in after setting a new record or winning the Superbowl or something - The press dont cheer when the...
well Apple.com may not hold up well under pressure, but hey, what do you expect on OSX servers? Maybe they should move it to Windows/SQL Azure along side iCloud in their new Microsoft powered data center! LOL
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