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Prediction of transcript from a WWDC meeting next summer "Sorry international folks, the new iPhone 5 with iOS6 finally gets Siri right outside of USA." LOL
I just want to make sure I got this right -- Apple bought SIRI that worked on a 3gs, made it break if you are outside of the US, and then artificially limited it to the 4s? seems quite silly to me -- am I incorrect?
i guss this must be the first one ive watched other than the wwdc or macworld announcements...shocked that the reporters are cheering, or is it some staged "amen corner" thing?
My first post was freindly ribbing, my second is a real question - wtf are the reporters cheering?
Alright - this thread made me go to apple.com and watch some of the launch announcement - this is a press event, not a fan event liek mac world or a dev event like WWDC - so this must mean that the positive mac journalism is bought and paid for - press dont cheer at press conferences! I never once heard the AP, NYT or ESPN guys roar with applaud when a superstar walks in after setting a new record or winning the Superbowl or something - The press dont cheer when the...
well Apple.com may not hold up well under pressure, but hey, what do you expect on OSX servers? Maybe they should move it to Windows/SQL Azure along side iCloud in their new Microsoft powered data center! LOL
most homes have more than one set already wired...most falilies have not just one tv in the living room, but the home office, master bedroom, playroom, basement and so on...but I do have to say that I like the idea of having teh NFL Red zone channel playing on my ipad in the bathroom or kitchen so I dont miss anything
So this wont count against bandwidth caps but Netflix, Apple TV streams Hulu MLB, youtube and such will? This is exactly why we need net neutrality! and an FTC that sint owned by companies like Comcrap! Maybe apple can dig into their warchest and fund an epic legal smacdown on ComCast
why does one assume that smarts is reflected in buying an ipad? since when did following the sheeple to the Apple store become a sign of intelligence?
AMEN kids with ipads in school probably come from a better socioeconomic background, may have had better public schooling, may not need to work as the parents can support college education to a greater extent. Speaking as a student with an ipad, I can tell you, just buy your college kid a iphone or ipodtouch and a macbook air..they will be better off that way.
New Posts  All Forums: