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most homes have more than one set already wired...most falilies have not just one tv in the living room, but the home office, master bedroom, playroom, basement and so on...but I do have to say that I like the idea of having teh NFL Red zone channel playing on my ipad in the bathroom or kitchen so I dont miss anything
So this wont count against bandwidth caps but Netflix, Apple TV streams Hulu MLB, youtube and such will? This is exactly why we need net neutrality! and an FTC that sint owned by companies like Comcrap! Maybe apple can dig into their warchest and fund an epic legal smacdown on ComCast
why does one assume that smarts is reflected in buying an ipad? since when did following the sheeple to the Apple store become a sign of intelligence?
AMEN kids with ipads in school probably come from a better socioeconomic background, may have had better public schooling, may not need to work as the parents can support college education to a greater extent. Speaking as a student with an ipad, I can tell you, just buy your college kid a iphone or ipodtouch and a macbook air..they will be better off that way.
what would you expect from the company that wont let you swap the damn battery on a cell phone?
The headline is misleading...Sure Apples rate of growth is faster than that of Windows but Windows is still 90 percent of the market so to say that mac sales outpace PC sales just based on the rate of changte is kindof misleading. I'm thirsty, where can an Apple fan get some Koolaid?
That is no good for pros. This is actually an argument I am using to get the one remaining Mac user in our marketing dept to go to Windows 7 on his next hardware upgrade...Apple has flipped the finger to the pro market, if you need to add a seat of Final Cut to meet a deadline, you cant. You simply cant add a seat of X to a workflow buit on FCS 2 or 3 so that means my usrs have two choices, Avid or Premier Pro (because we cant wait and gamble on what features apple will...
Why doesnt apple just once and for all fix the finance software issue on the Mac side? just hire a bunch of CPAs and book keepers to work with a team of engineers to build the business logic needed with the basic plumbing that is there with Numbers. The personal finance stuff in Numbers is pretty good, just make a few tweaks and maybe a different and more task specific UI and add some business intelligence and sell it for what? $99 in the app store? they would make a...
You could do what my grandfather did on the farm a handfull of decades ago... he called the sheriff to report that someone was in his barn and needed to be arrested because he felt it was a threat to his livestock and family...the sheriff said a deputy could be there in an hour or two... My Grandfather called the Sheriffs office again about 10 minutes later and said "no need to send a deputy, I just shot the son of a bitch to death" The Sheriff himself came up to the farm...
Sadly that fact means nothing...BeOS was nice, so was IBMs OS2 - where are those now? OS2 lost out to Windows NT just like Android will beat the hell outa Webos...HP, like IBM before it, doesnt have the DNA of a PC/Tablet/phone OS software company...Apple however does...Apple is a software company that designs the hardware that it runs on because they dont like the other stuff that is out there, but face it, Apple is all about software -- an iphone with Android would be...
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