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The Apple fanboys here and at sites like this one all seem to miss the fact that the iPad is just a toy when talking about teh post PC era...sure, it kicks the PCs ass when playing angery birds and watching reruns of House on hulu - but practical PRODUCTIVE usage is limited. With ios 5 everything is tied to iCloud which means that everything lives in Apple's data center...there is no way that I have found for corporate IT to disable that, not in exchange or SCCM 2012 and...
for the record you cant trademark a generic dictionary word like Channels...even if you could, Roku has had what it calls "channels" for years...netflix, hulu, MLB, and dozens of other content sources provide custom UIs that are launched from the Roku home screen.
one question, willapples own iad network utilize teh UDID? Is this meant as a privacy move of just a way to give their in house ad network a leg up?
yeah but if 6.7 Million was 1/10,000th of your bank account and you had a big deposit every three months, why the hell not?
OK, I bought and installed Lion on launch day and am happy with it. My sister will be in town this week, on leave from the Armed Forces, I want to install it on her mac book at that time but dont want to re download it at that time. I cant seem to re download it on my Lion upgraded mac, so is there a way to re download Lion and copy it to my USB flash drive from a lion installed Mac? Im probably gonna need to do several updates before loading Lion anyhow cause Im gonna...
why should they have? Flash was the golden goose, why would they want to release a competeing product too soom and take money away from a mature product that at this point is in maintenance mode -- the development costs from Flash are long since paid for so copies of that are just basically money in the bank as version changes now a days are minor tweaks barely enough to justify a new version number.
I will admit I slept through most of High School English, but as I recall, a couple was only a single unit when not modifying another noun -- in this cast though it would be an adjective.noun usage -- A couple walked along the beach at sunrise.Adjective usage -- A couple OF kids knocked on my door for candy last Halloween.
LULz! u must b a n00b here! nobody in internets speak teh kingz english!
In teh end, this is why MS will win this round too...for a few reasons:1: they already have the distrobution channel2: They own the Living room with xbox and tehy own the enterprise tablet market (albeit a small market) -- combine teh two and the possibilities are interesting(Windows 8 anyone?)3: MS tends to get it right the third time: They did tablets with XP, they did it again in a much revamped way in W7 and of course slate/touch is the driving force of Windows 8...4:...
Being that Apple platforms for the last 10 years have been all UNIX based, isn't it fair to assume that all files would be case sensitive as all *NIX platform file systems are? if this is in fact in the documentation, it wouldn't be news to any pro devs who know UNIX...
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