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    I hear people say this a lot but I must say, it seems that none of the people that talk like this have experiance with Windows as of late...   1: After using windows 8 and seeing it evolve from the preview that came out last fall to the RTM that I am running now (as a technet subscriber) I can tell you it gets better every couple weeks, with every set of updates.   2: I switched from iPhone  to the Nokia Lumia 900, and I dont regret it for a second, it is a great...
When you use slave labor to build your products, you have bad QC, go figure, you get what you pay for...
All good network ops already have network optimization in place to handle video/audio conferancing with priority over the punch the monkey web banners or whatever a milisecond delay wont impact...This is not about QoS, this is about access to the data network period for facetime.
As an ATT user who wants to switch, your plan is not goign to be availible to me.
Not true. with verizon data shared plans are now the ONLY plans, so singe people who arent buying cell phones for a house full of teenagers get hozed.
How was moto a dying company? Mobility makes not only some of the most popular phones, but pretty much every cable set top box and modem used by some of the largest MSOs in the world...they have a virtual printing press in that business, ScientificAtlanta is the only other game in town..
This is great! maybe if we have enough of this bullshit, we can get some much needed reform at the USPTO..
I dont like that meme as it isnt true. Windows has a lot of advantages tfor large organizations that no one else, even Apple, can match:  Integration with platforms that allow for manageability of company computer system via tools such as AD and SCCM tight integration and support for on prem or cloud or even 3rd party hosted solutions for private business systems that all work together: Sharepoint, Exchange, and Lync servers combined with Office Pro Plus clients make a...
this angle makes me ask one question: If apples are so easy to use why do apple users need some hyperactive 19 year old with a bit of a dickweed complex to tell them how to print a photo card or make a Keynote side deck?
The data as outlined is not what the headline implies. It says that consumers say they will use them for business, thats not the same as enterprise IT adoption. They are basically saying that they intend to, for example, check work email from the device.     An employee buying something and taking it to work doesnt mean that the enterprise is adopting it...a CIO signing a rec for a few hundred for a pilot may be enterprise adoption, but not some random employee buying one...
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