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And we've come full circle, now apple, the company that figuratively put the hammer thru big brother on the screening 1984 is now the one controlling the big screen...   so funny so sad.
You know your needs far better than I, but it seems to me that you are using the wrong tool for the job, you would be better served with a small cluster of servers with a NAS on a segragated private LAN.   It sounds like you need real serious gear, and should invest in a nice rack of server equipment to build a BSD or Darwin cluster. You could use things like 10 gig e, higher end GPU options, better CPUs, 64GB or more of ram per box, not just per cluster, 10 gb ethernet,...
i wish that grocery stores would take after apple and start putting things together in a way that make seance, for example, milk and serial are far appart, soup and crackers are on opposite ends of the store, it pisses me off that you cant get things that go together TOGETHER! Penut Butter Jelly and bread are on three different corners of the store! why do grocers hate people?
I saw one of those at good will a couple years back, I just didnt know that the twiggy disks were so rare, I thought the first rev of the original mac was all 5.25 inch twiggies... DAMN I feel stupid now...
This is all abuot the IPO coming up, and face it, on Wall Street 2.0, you dont need to make actual money to have a hot as hell ipo - groupon anyone?
Without putting words in the mouth of the original poster, I really think it is a valid point - blocking non Apple approved apps and non Apple approved channels isnt like safety gear in cars, its like when car companies tried to deny warranty coverage because the owner decided to change the oil himself, or took it to a non-dealer auto shop to do so.
I wish US regulators had the balls of the UK/EU/AUS regulators... AT&T goes around calling hspa+ "4g" even though the engineering bodies that defined 3g all classify HSPA+ as a 3g technology...Hell, they sell the iphone as 4G now! It should be criminal but in the USA, well, its not.
As a student on their Indy campus I hope not!! I dont want my books locked to one platform, if thety have to be digital, I want it on everything, my Windows laptop, my macbook, my iPad, my android/windows phone 7 device and so on, hell even Linux! I am all about moving forward, just not a fan of buying a $600 dongle to do it.
This seems to be a bigger rollout than they are saying, any word on when the next few cities in this round are coming, like Lafayette In? per this artical, Purdue should be getting it too - Why would they give it to IU first? BOOOO!!! All the engineers are at Purdue, IU all about med and law LOL!!! http://www.jconline.com/article/2012...-T-4G-LTE-grid
What I dont and never have understood, is why Math textbooks ever need upadting - in the highest reaches of math where new discoveries may be occuring sure, but has High School Algebra 2 changed enough to requier a new text every couple years? and at the university level, it seems like the basic math books change every term! its a total scam, why havnt professors gotten together and written a sort of definitive text that could be sold for pennies on the dollar of text...
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