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the problem is the polititions dont really seem to run things any more...our congress critters and to a large extent presidents in the past 12 years are all so interested in advancing their own dumbass agendas at any cost that it has ceased being a debate, and become a WWE style scripted back and forth that gets everyone worked up and nothing done. Both sides are right and wrong on some points, that is true of any opinion - for example I am a Libertarian, but I realize...
The way things are going the next version will be called "road kill feline" because Mac Os x will have been run over with a mack truck full of iPads bound for Walmart.
sorry to divert the conversation, but what are maths? Ive never heard that used in the plural before.
My KWHrs number went down year over year but my power bill has gone from ~$100 in 2011 to $145 in the bill that came yesterday Also saw big increases year over year in November December and January. All bills went up a little, month over month and year over year, but it caught my attention in a big way when it went up by 50%!!! This is horrible and there must be a scam here, is it just Duke Energy in Indiana having this spike or is this across the board?
Because Apple has become absolutely huge, and has to a certin extent prided its self on being recognised as a luxury brand and not just another commodity, and with the praise and cool factor, comes a spot light that does in fact show the wrinkles and blemishes. bad working conditions in tech factories is bad no matter who the company is, I think its for teh best that it gets brought to light so it can be addressed.
ABC is owned by Disney, Disney and apple have a great working relationship...I predcit this will make Apple look squeaky clean...
Funny how the tables have turned, Microsoft is talking up how Windows 8 can run like a champ on an old PC with 1gb of ram (the demo at the launch event had 512MB), meaning that Windows 8 will run on lower end hardware than Win 7, which had lower needs than Vista... Now after a decade of bringing greater performance and a "faster mac" feeling on every build, now tehy are going bloat and killing off great hardware...With proper drivers, a 2008 Macbook, like the one on my...
No they dont! If they sold me the content, why cant I read it on a laptop? thats like saying that Walmart has to get differant rights to sell a DVD to watch on my laptop vs my big screen, that cant be right...
1 year, a new app and a few tweaks, plus a shitload of security fixes? Sounds like while Windows users get a whole new user interface and touch functionality, Apple users will be buying what MS give away for free, a service pack.
one of the big airlines, American I think, has already done the ipad transition. Also, as a US Citizen, weather you like iOS or not, you have to like the idea of the Government using our tax money on American products rather than Canadian products.
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