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At least right now, that $25+/- drop looks like it was a decent buying opportunity. Or at least a decent chance to have bought some $600 calls - just like when AAPL sold off last year. Whenever a stock has a parabolic rise, sooner or later, it will sell off. But (IMO) AAPL sold off too much/too quickly. So the correction got "corrected". Since nothing has fundamentally changed, I don't sense a problem. Stocks go up. Stocks go down. This was primarily an issue for traders...
I hope someone has a suggestion for you. Just reading that made me feel a bit queasy.
Considering how many old Macs I'm aware of, that people have tucked away, I'd say that is surprisingly true. I still have my first one, a Mac Plus (circa 1986?). And the last time I checked, it was still fully functional.I've had probably dozens of PC's over the years and the only one I've kept is an IBM ThinkPad... that stopped working about a year and a half into its life. I found that it's not worth fixing, but I can't get myself to throw it away. But now, the Mac Plus,...
As has been stated, the article is talking about "LED LCD computer screens sized 24 inches and up"... not the entire 24"+ market. And according to the article, the survey does includes the legacy ACD, not just the new Thunderbolt Display. Just pointing that out for clarity. But no matter, because it's impressive that this category is still led by Apple, though the lead seems to be shrinking. Having more OEM's employing Thunderbolt would greatly help. Hopefully that's on...
I'm often accused of being too wordy. But this^^^, my friends, is minimalism in true Apple form!!! That was actually very good.
Maybe not the type of case that he's talking about, but what do people think of the Zaggmate case/keyboard? I haven't seen one in person, but (if it works well enough) it seems that it would add a good deal of functionality to the device. Rather than buying a MacBook Air next year, depending on where they go with the iPad 4, I could *maybe* see myself going for the next iPad and something like a Zaggmate case/keyboard.
What if Apple paid more for components and the price stayed the same? Their profit margins would be less. But you'd still be paying the same price. So I'm not certain that I understand how the consumer would benefit from that "smaller profits are better for the consumer" way of thinking. The market determines value. Apple sells products that have relatively elastic demand curves (because you can't eat them, live in them or wear them to keep you warm). If Apple's products...
Have you looked for a donor unit on Ebay? You may find one there that has some other issue, but good speakers. Good luck.
I thought this was a good read with a fair bit of "humor" (well, depending on where you stand... and whether or not you've owned RIM, Nokia or shares of Microsoft vs. AAPL ). I'm not sure what the rules are here on posting entire articles, so here are some snippets, along with a link to the entire piece on Forbes. Bye Bye BlackBerry. How Long Will Apple Last?
Being rather new to the Mac OS, I'm happy to say that mine tested clean too. I followed the link in a Forbes article, An Easy Way To Check Your Mac For The Flashback Malware, and then downloaded the quick check utility from this page: https://github.com/jils/FlashbackChecker/wiki Judging by what I've read, I've assumed that VirusBarrier Express is one of the better Mac virus protection programs? Do the more experienced users here agree with that?
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