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If you want Apple News change your region to the US in Settings.It looks like it'll launch in UK with iOS 9.1.
I think you need to manually back up in iTunes and encrypt the backup to save the Health data. I wish Apple let you export all your data from the iPhone: messages, notes, etc. as well as Health It's ridiculous that you can't export your own content.
I agree. I think there is an untapped market of people who want a high-end phone with a 4" screen but are no longer being catered for by any manufacturer.
It could be because the iPhone 6 is significantly larger. I've met lots of people who usually upgrade regularly but don't like the new design and are waiting it out. I personally wish I could still buy an iPhone 5S 64GB to upgrade from my 5.
You can use multiple accounts on iOS devices so you could still share apps. Wouldn't be quite as easy… unless they are all sync'd from the same Mac in which case it really would be simple. Incidentally as others have pointed out, you can turn off In-app purchasing in settings.
This design makes a lot more sense as it highlights what you have selected. This is how the tabs work in Safari/Chrome/Firefox and how these buttons should have worked all along.
Thank you.
Done It. That was very easy, was a bit trigger happy with the excitement![How do you do that? My UDID is registered but I haven't made it a test device with Xcode. I'm a designer, not a developer.]
On the iPad these gestures were not present in Beta 3 and they are not in the GM either.Just to confirm they are if you use your iPad for development.
This is actually more sensible interface design. Highlight what is selected, not what isn't.
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