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We saw just a dozen pictures of prisoners abuses. If I remember, there was a supposed stock of more than 15.000 pictures confiscated by militaries. Seen only by officials, judges. War + Being the aggressor + Trained to kill + No civil law + Living in a no man's land = Torture, Abuse, Rape, etc…
I don't believe in God, never did (thought I was a kind of Agnostic when I was younger (17yo - I'm now 35). In France where I live, André Malraux an ex-Culture Minister, success writer, also an ex-warrior during WWII and other conflicts, very aware or civilizations around the planet said that "the XXI century would be religious, or won't be" I hope he's (will be) wrong. Religion(s), always trying to get its hand on power has always been a source of conflicts/problems.
That's true. But Politics transpires out of every movies, including and mostly American ones, from "Star Wars" to "a History of Violence" (D. Cronenberg), to "The Power of Nightmares". You can watch every press conf of every movies in competition on the Cannes Festival web site, that's very interesting:Le Festival de Cannes An example : George Lucas talk about the relationship between wars fought by his country (Vietnam, Iraq) and his Movies (Star Wars IV, V, VI and the...
I agree with Powerdoc to the fact that Pasqua could possibly have a few underground illegal affairs… and also to the fact that he's the perfect usual suspect. Anyway, nobody would miss him ;-) This guy sucks and no one likes him. As of his relations with Chirac, they are at their lowest since a pretty long time… almost 10 years if I remember.
At long last, someone opens his mouth ! P.S. On a side note, you can keep Pasqua with you and do what you want with him. We hate this guy. ;-)
A few (no)comments… - Unemployment has always been high in France (around 10% since almost 20 years), so this is not new. - Yes, the French referendum about the constitution is not very well engaged. (55 against it, versus 45 supporting it) thought I really hope that will change. The thing is that the document is almost unreadable (very technical): You don't sign a document that you can't read. - You're linking Kyoto and a supposed rising "neo-Nazisme". Honestly…...
Risky, and short term strategy. Isn't it ?
…or it means that he is a part of a bigger strategy. Why would he leave the pentagon ? No one ousted him. The "strategy" itself was implicitly approved by the november US national elections. Optional reason: Neo-con(s) are slowly being ousted from key posts because they are are too much "neo-con".
He's felt as the architect of the Iraq war, at least here in Europe. Not very popular. But he's supposed to be quit unanimously approved by the European part, witch has a veto right. Don't know why. there's probably a logical reason. Time will tell; Let's await a couple of years to judge ;-)
Again : The notion of "God" is nothing more than an Hypothesis (I'm not talking about the moral, cultural values, etc). Less likely than the Big-Bang actually. (though both notions, by nature, can cohabit ;-) Would you imagine loosing your job because you don't adhere to the Big-Bang theory ? Of course not.
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