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There's nothing wrong with giving your customer choices.  If a customer narrows their decision down to iPad Pro or MacBook 12", Apple wins either way they go.
There's a little bit more than that.  The LLVM -> machine code transition done at the app store can also optimize the code to the specific CPU it's being installed on, including optimizing for processors that didn't exist when the developer submitted their code.
The A9X chip didn't exist when the MacBook was released.  A MacBook would need a variant of the A9X with 8 gigs of RAM instead of 4.  If they could knock 20% off of the price, have better performance, maintain their margins, and sell 40% more MacBooks, that's a clear win.
Unless thats something different, it's already on the Apple TV app store.
you ever use a real pencil and paper (or a white board) to sketch out ideas where you can write things down, circle things, draw lines between ideas, etc?  Now you can finally do things as free form as that.
 The remotes are different enough that it probably requires a whole new app.  As for other posts, this is the first week of the Apple TV App store.  Many developers only got their test machine a few weeks ago, others are only getting them this week after they buy one.  Why complain that not all apps you want are there the first week. I'm actually surprised there are as many as there are.  There are enough that Apple needs to build a better way to browse them.
Some people are jumping ship awfully soon, especially the one who's returning it without even opening it.   When you actually try it out you find that the keyboard you input your email address with saves your email address in recents.  So when you log into the next app you don't have to type that back in.  You also find that the app store can be configured to not require a password.  Turn it off, load all of the apps then turn it back on to avoid accidental purchases....
what are examples of things those can do that Siri can't do?
But nowhere does it say Apple's AI researchers aren't going to conferences and reading papers to get ideas.  If fact, the article confirms it.  All it says is they aren't publishing their own work because it's secret. It may be hampering the progress outside of Apple, and it may even limit Apple's researchers future job prospects, but there is no evidence at all that it's hampering Apple's own progress.
you can see iPhone apps on apple.com without an iPhone. 
New Posts  All Forums: