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if they are taking a class in high school, you generally have at least 18 weeks and perhaps a full year.  Even the very first 10 minute example in a playground is going to be calling objects. My son is a CS major.  His intro class was C++.  They did exactly what hmm said above, they used it as C, only had him call std::cin/cout without bothering to first explain they were classes/objects and what a class/object is.  Objects were the last thing scheduled for the class, they...
 assembly language at some point to understand what's going on in the processor is fine.  Certainly professional programmers/computer scientists should have some understanding of what the compiler/cpu is doing with their code.  But not at the high school intro to programming level. And I disagree on procedural programming.  You can build entire apps without ever writing any procedural based code.   I will have to watch the video, but protocols aren't a replacement for...
 you realize that sends them to the Stanford course, not the course mentioned in the article, right?  Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see a link in the article.
 Those are the last things I'd ever do.  You might as well start them with keypunch cards. Object oriented programming is the first thing any new programmer should learn.  Why start them with bad habits (procedural programming) that the next class has to break. And what is the point in using less than state of the art tools.  Xcode shows errors as you type them, playground lets you execute the code as you type it.
 try the new mac pro track pad.  you can touch, click and deep click.  There clearly is difference between touch and drag (select) and click and drag (move).  The track pad doesn't actually move when you click or deep click it aside from haptic feedback, the haptic feedback causes you to feel movement that doesn't actually occur. Force Click could provide similar kinds of additional functionality on iOS devices.
 The phones became computers
 They have force touch on the apple watch.
I would also expect glances to make their way to iOS. You should be able to check something like the weather without leaving the active app.
 The limit is 16 megapixels, not 16GB.
 One difference between Google and Apple is Apple doesn't tell you what they are working on until the have a product.  The fact that you hear about things from Google first doesn't mean Apple wasn't already working it too. Another difference is Google will release alpha quality stuff they have to then scrap or that isn't fully thought out.  For example, how many different set top boxes have they done, I've lost track (their first one was a mess while Chromecast is...
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