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If the work is secret, how can it be known if Apple's own progress is being hampered because of the secrecy?
is there a way to see whats in the store without having the Apple TV yet?
 Apple is the most valuable company in the world.  Their stock clearly hasn't always dropped.  Here's a chart from earlier this year.   and a 10 year comparison of the performance of Apple, Google and Microsoft from earlier this year 
 That is what happened, though.  While the company is worth the same, the individual shares are worth significantly more. Which is why I don't understand what sog35 is complaining about (which isn't the first time).
 That case doesn't have anything to do with the DMCA because the media in question had no DRM to circumvent.  Or do the PDFs talk about something else, your quote talks about CDs.
Why should a buy back make the company worth more?  if anything, a buyback on it's own makes the company itself worth less since those bought back shares don't count in the market cap and the money spent is gone.  It's those profits that helped the company offset that and maintain it's market cap.  And it's not like the company hasn't been worth more during that period, it was worth 700 billion easier this year.  Stock prices fluctuation for many reasons.
 you posted the US chart, of course they are all US companies.  The world chart is a bit different with sites from china, india and other countries.  And Facebook is a global site with a billion unique users a day. http://www.alexa.com/topsites
Do we know yet when the new Apple TV will be available in stores?
 nearly half of the world's population has internet access.
It's not the same bandwidth.  It's both higher a bit rate and a better codec. And if Apple skipped blu ray to jump to streaming, why shouldn't they jump on the window of actually beating 4K Blu Ray to the market?
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