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 They are selling a device with a chip that supports 4K. They could have supported 4K at the same price point.  They only needed a different HDMI port.  Apple is a company with a long history of driving the adoption of new standards.   Prior to the announcement many assumed it would be 4K and talked about how Apple would be a leader in 4K.  Now some of those same people are arguing against 4K. Why is anyone suggesting there is no benefit to having a higher bit rate with a...
One of the posters currently arguing reasons why the Apple TV shouldn't support 4K was hyping how important it was that the AppleTV was going to support 4K before it was announced.   It's clearly a missed opportunity.  Something I expect will be addressed with a new release next year.
Not all of them.
 It's a huge missed opportunity.  You honestly don't think that people who buy 4K tvs want 4K content for those TVs?  Apple doesn't have an option for them, so they will buy from Amazon.  It's going to be a lot harder to convince people who already have a 4K streaming box to buy a new one next year.  People are seriously underestimating just how fast UHD TVs are taking off.  I saw one report where earlier this year they hit 3 million units a month and found this chart from...
 4K Blu Ray supports HDR.  Amazon streaming supports it, Netflix is adding support. UHD streaming from both is at a higher bitrate than their HD streams. I'm pretty sure they use the superior H.265 codec for UHD vs H.264 for HD. Also, the ones who compare upscaled 1080p to 4k are not comparing it to HDR 4k.  It's a strange stance you and others are taking.  One the one hand the claim is being made that UHD streaming isn't true UHD because the signal is compressed.  At the...
My screen is a12 foot wide front projector.  And, again, it's not just the added pixels, it's the improved picture made possible by HDR video. This is what the picture I posted earlier demonstrates.
This all assumes you are viewing the same size screen in all cases.  4K makes larger screens work better.  4K also allows for a wider color space and better dynamic range. 4K is a step on the way to 8K, 8K is IMAX quality.  Here is a better comparison   
It seems pretty safe to assume that all of the video streaming services that have apps for the iPad will have apps for the Apple TV.  Pretty much all of the code is already written.
 UHD has higher resolution video, an improved color spectrum and better dynamic range vs HD. The comparison isn't BluRay, the comparison is H.265 encoded UHD at a higher bitrate vs H.264 encoded HD.
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