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 The image height on the right is smaller than the image height on the left. That's a function of the amount of unused space around the display, not the shape of the display.  And the usable rectangular space, you know the shape you would use to display most UI aside from an analog watch display is still greater on the watch on the right.
^ I'm not sure what you're trying to show me with those.  The first picture, the round watch isn't as tall as the rectangular watch while the rectangular watch has a larger area of display.   What I said earlier is simple geometry.   The area of a circle is πr^2 The area of a rectangle is h*w   For the apple watch, width is hight * 0.85.   A round watch of height 2 has an area of 3.14 units squared A rectangular watch of height 2 has an area of 3.28 units...
if/when numbers are released, it's going to be interesting to see how analysts spin the numbers.  The entire smart watch market was around 4 million units sold in all of 2014 (this includes sport bands like fitbit).  The market leader, Samsung, sold 1.2 million.  I suspect sometime on launch weekend Apple will become the installed base leader and that analysts will compare the sales to smart phones instead of to smart watches.
a much larger device is require to have the same primary rectangular area for a device that has to fit on a person's wrist.  A circle the same eight as the apple watch rectangular screen gives you less usable space.  Even with the bigger device you showed, had it been the same height, but shaped rectangular, it would have more usable space while simultaneously requiring less wrist space since it doesn't have to be as wide as it is tall like the circular design.
If they had 2 million units, they didn't sell all 2 million units in under 5 minutes.  They sold out of some SKUs that quickly, others were still showing delivery on the 24th an hour later.  The blue band and white band of the 42mm sport model depleted at different rates.  The space grey sport depleted before the others. And, again, how could you possibly know what the number could have been.  I again use my analogy to a pop concert selling out 20,000 seat venues in...
check the responses to the story from last night.  The store went live on the phone/iPad apps several minutes before it went live on the web.  People who ordered off of the phone/iPad got delivery date of the 24th.  By the time the web went live, that had already slipped for several of the models.  The model I ordered, space grey sport, showed a 4-6 week delivery time as soon the web store went live, but people who ordered before then earlier go the earlier date.   There...
screen size, distance to screen and resolution are what it takes to get iMax quality.  Plenty of people today have movie theater quality at home with the same immersive movie theater experience, only it's built for 4 to 15 people instead of 200-1000 people.
3D was misunderstood.  People expected it to be like color or HD where all content would benefit.  That was never the point.  3D was about being able to watch a movie like Avatar in 3D as was intended.  Watching Avatar in 2D is like watching the wizard of OZ in black and white.  Unlike color or even HD, though, it was never expected that all content would eventually be in 3D.  Studios when through a phase where they forced 3D, including converting movies previously...
 why does broadcast TV even matter when talking about Apple TV?  Apple TV is a streaming device, not a broadcast device.  4K is already happening.  Netflix streams 4k, Amazon streams 4K, Sony has a 4K service, the stores are full of 4K TVs (which are coming down in price), 4K Blu Ray is coming this fall, etc.  Sure, content is limited now, but the amount of content will only grow over time.
Why is it assumed the vans that have been spotted aren't related? If you want to build a self driving/self navigating car, you need pretty precise data. When a person is driving, it's okay if the navigator doesn't 100% match the destination (how many times have you arrived at the destination but the navigator thinks you aren't there yet), when a computer is driving, you better make sure it knows where that destination is.
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