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How much do they cost? Last time I checked the Sony box was 499 or 599. Maybe the price has come down? The issue with 4k isn't content, it is do they add that cost to every box when most boss won't connect to 4k TVs. While I would have preferred 4k support now, Apple can always have an Apple TV 4k box in 6 months to a year and have it work like their other devices moving to retina displays.It is perhaps a missed opportunity to have 4k support before 4k blue ray players....
you plug it into the iPad to charge.  15 seconds of charging charges enough for 30 minutes of use.
 Apple has sold more Apple TVs than Microsoft has sold Xbox Ones.  This is before there was an app store. As for the iPad, it's pretty odd you think a product that is way outselling the Xbox One is somehow irrelevant.
Nintendo plan to survive includes building apps for Apple's devices.  
 no they don't.  Apple's in app purchases where they get a cut are only for digital content.
 1. You are jumping to conclusions to assume HomeKit won't be built into the ATV.  We will find out one way or the other tomorrow.3. People who have used systems that do this care, like the existing ATV.4. This is relative.  There are a ton of games on consoles that don't require the extra GPU power that the consoles have.  The quality of these will be identical either place.  People also prefer different kinds of games. Some of these are way underrepresented on consoles....
 Casual gamers is probably the wrong term.  There are plenty of people who spend countless hours playing games that are not graphics intensive 3D games.  I'm not sure you'd call them casual gamers even though they are playing games you would consider casual gamer games. The problem the Wii U has is someone who truly there aren't that many games.  Apple TV will have more games by christmas than any console has.  it depends on the game.  Some games are much better to play...
 yes, I know how that works, I have a Wii U.  The limitation is playing multiplayer games where you have pieces or cards you want to keep secret.  Games like Words with Friends, Poker, etc, etc, where it makes game play better if each person has their own controller where they can view their own pieces.  When the developer can assume that everyone playing the game has their own touch screen device, it opens up gaming possibilities that didn't exist before. I've had an iPad...
 To play with their family.  The big shared screen makes the shared experience better.
The winner is clear, Nintendo is building games for iOS.  I really wouldn't be shocked if they were on the stage tomorrow.
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