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So Apple is being sued for not violating the DMCA? Did Microsoft also get sued for having their own DRM system that wasn't wouldn't allow music purchased with it to play on the iPod? Everyone who bought music from Apple can still play it all. People have lost access to their purchased music if they bought it with Microsoft's system, which ended up telling customers to violate the DMCA to keep their music.
 you missed the whole macs went form single person running single program where you had to quit the app to run another program to a single person running multiple programs (switcher then multifinder) to today's multiple user accounts. iOS has already gone from a single user running a single app where they had to quit that app to run another app to a multi-app experience that looks very much like switcher. I don't really understand why people are arguing against it as a...
to make it usable by more people, just like they do with the Mac.  How is allowing multiple accounts on an iPad really any different than allowing them on a MacBook Air?
no it doesn't become more complicated.  Each profile is an account, each account has their own sandbox for each app.  The sandbox and the app are not stored in the same location in iOS, it only acts like they are.   If a parent can set an iMac in their kitchen for their kids to share, why shouldn't they also be able to give them an iPad to share. Your supposed version issue is no different than two users of a shared mac. The primary issues are- low end models have limited...
 That's an availability issue.  I haven't been able to find the 6+ anywhere.  I didn't start looking until the afternoon of opening day. There were a ton of the 6 selling.  Personally I've never bought a computing device with a larger screen and ended up wishing I had the smaller screen model instead.
 previously it was a developer preview, which is a pre-beta release.  It's one thing to wipe the iCloud during developer preview, it's another to wipe it during a public beta.  I'm not even too concerned if it doesn't sync to iOS 7, I do care if the data gets wiped. I would also like to see a list of known incompatible software.
Is it safe to assume that since it's a public beta and not a developer preview release, that issues like wiping iCloud won't happen going forward?  Will settings sync with iOS 7 devices?  Is there a list of incompatible software?  I have the DP on a test machine and really need to switch to it on my production machine and iOS devices, but the warnings of possible future issues hold me back.
 It would be b (they aren't going to move the MacPro to ARM anytime soon) and how would it be a complete mess?  The OS already supports multiple binaries in a single app.  That's how the transition to x86 went so smoothly.    It's just another compile, and the installer/app store can leave out the version that isn't for the target computer.  Most of the developers code already supports multiple architectures because so many apps run on both iOS and MacOS.  Once the...
so it's still a tablet that doesn't have cellular and a laptop that doesn't really fit on your lap?
so they filed a law suit instead of calling tech support?
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