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 It would be b (they aren't going to move the MacPro to ARM anytime soon) and how would it be a complete mess?  The OS already supports multiple binaries in a single app.  That's how the transition to x86 went so smoothly.    It's just another compile, and the installer/app store can leave out the version that isn't for the target computer.  Most of the developers code already supports multiple architectures because so many apps run on both iOS and MacOS.  Once the...
so it's still a tablet that doesn't have cellular and a laptop that doesn't really fit on your lap?
so they filed a law suit instead of calling tech support?
 it's the other way around, the MacPro will require Mavericks, thus is waiting for the Mavericks release.
 Do we know Netflix isn't doing it that way? I want to use the ipad apps to find the content I want to watch, them have them stream to my tv while allowing the iPad to be turned off and/or used for other things.  Navigating to the content on the iPad is easier than even using the apple remote app to control an apple tv.
 anyone with an iPhone that old should be able to upgrade for free to an iPhone 4s that supports iOS7.
 the first is from january.  The iPhone didn't come out until September.  That seems like plenty of time to start a building a whole new chip with a different supplier (which was the reason given). We should find out for sure in a few days when the iPhone 5s teardowns are posted. The best reason to suggest that samsung isn't making them is their rushed announcement that they will also have a 64 bit phone some day. Either way, Apple clearly has motivation to move away from...
might as well be giving out monopoly money
  you could have just stopped at the bolded part.   I really don't get the surface pro.  It's a tablet that wants to be a laptop, but as a laptop, it has an awful keyboard/trackpad and can't actually be used on your lap.  You can get a actual windows 8 netbook for less than half the price.  And as a tablet, I really don't see the appeal of running apps designed for the desktop without a mouse/keyboard.  Touch UI has different requirements than mouse/keyboard UI....
  it is quite odd that the press release of an "independent study" directly quotes the president of the company that the study favors.  Especially when media devices were only a small part of the study.
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