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how can it take 10 seconds to load a calculator?
except in this case, apple's 1 product has a 30% market share in the smart phone market and as they ramp up production, they use that capacity to expand into other countries. In addition, between the iPhone and iPods, Apple already uses the majority of the world wide flash ram capacity, creating a world wide shortage in NAND ram. So in this case, there is a constraint on just how fast Apple can make more iPhones.http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20090914PD204.html
No, Quicktime is one way to play H.264 video, it's not the only way. H.264 is a standard, companies are free to implement that standard any way they want to. Apple uses Quicktime, Microsoft uses something else. When Microsoft comes out with a new browser/os/platform, they don't need Apple to software to play H.264 video for their platform because there is no dependency or requirement for a quicktime runtime to play H.264 within a HML5 browser.Take that same video and...
Someone brought this up in relation to Al Gore being mentioned.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ross_Perot
and you still don't get the significant flaw, do you? The video is H.264 - a standard anyone can adopt It's being played on an html web page - also a standard anyone can adopt but there is a needless extra proprietary layer that is not a standard, and that doesn't run on EVERY browser, called Flash, that is required to play much of the content. This isn't required because flash is doing something special, it's required because the html standard was missing...
For what hardware did they add the acceleration? My question is how does Apple add support for their own custom hardware? The answer is they can't, they are dependent on Adobe to do it. Why should Apple, or any other vendor, be dependent on a 3rd party for something as basic as video playback when there are now clear standards that allow them to implement and optimize the playback themselves?It's just completely backwards to have a structure where implementation of a...
Tell me how apple is supposed to hardware accelerate flash (thus reduce battery drain for playing video) the way they hardware accelerate h.264 decoding?
Do you really not understand the difference between video being delivered in a format that requires a flash plugin and video being delivered in an industry standard format like H.264? In both cases, browsers have to display the video. In the first case, their only choice is a flash plugin, which a 3rd party had to develop for that platform. In the second case, the individual browser developer is in control of how it's displayed. For example, Apple can use quicktime. ...
it is illegal to rip most DVDshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ripping
plus the $1.25 billion a few years ago in the same referenced article. When you are spending billions to prepay for supplies, you should get preferential treatment.
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