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Smoking in any public place or place of employment is illegal in Ohio - Ohio voters voted in favor of this ban in 2006.
it is, and typically on the mac the machine is ready to go by the time the lid opens. Why turn it off? I haven't found a reason in years.
Apple already effectively tried this with the iPhone. Initially all apps were to be Net 2.0 apps - that model failed, thus the release of Cocoa Touch based development and the App store. That model has had explosive growth. On an airplane with no internet, you can use your iPhone for many things, you can use your MacBook for many things. You'll be able to use your iTablet for many things. But what will a ChromeOS based NetBook be able to do? The focus on fast boot...
If that's true, someone needs to explain it to Verizon support. My wife has a Droid (she has to stay with verizon because her relatives all have verizon) and we can't get the Droid email to work with our company email server - which is an IMAP sever running on leopard, not Exchange. When we called support about it, they tried to sell us the $15 upgrade so we could access exchange servers until I explained to them it wasn't an exchange server, just standard IMAP. We...
or Verizon would have the same issues AT&T has - iPhone users actually use the network, so rather than investing in 3G in more areas, they have to invest those resources into the large population areas. Do you really think if everyone switched tomorrow, the Verizon network could handle the additional network bandwidth iPhone owners use? To see what the service for iPhone on verizon might look like, take a look at their current Droid service: The "unlimited" verizon data...
they get hit by far more than that, with far more bandwidth used, on Christmas day when people are using their iTunes gift cards. It's really just not that much data being requested to think it's Apple's servers that otherwise handle the load just fine.
are the iPhone release problems on Apple's end or on AT&T's end? iPhone activations are the only time Apple's iTunes servers have to rely on someone else's server (i.e. AT&T) to do part of the processing. And the release day of new models of iPhones are pretty much the only time there is a problem, and there is minimal data being transmitted. And those problems are isolated to iPhone activations, the iTunes store continues to operate just fine.
of course, you left off the rest of the quoteThe Apple touch platform is in between the DS and PSP in power, and within the next year or so will have an installed base larger than both platforms combined. In addition, it already has many more games than both platforms combined, and that quantity and quality will only get better over time. And a solution to the DPad issue is in the workswhich includes another battery to double the iPhone/iPod battery life
I searched and searched for any stories about slow sales for madden on the iPhone. All I found were stories of console sales being down, but did find thishttp://www.joystiq.com/2009/11/05/ea...-retail-sales/
How is buying a game for $30 and selling it later for $15 better then buying the same game for $10?
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