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I guess you missed the later articlehttp://www.appleinsider.com/articles...n_q3_2010.html about the next generation of iPhone being a UMTS/CDMA hybrid and that it will be available on Verizon.
edge is far from useless - it's what I use myself most of the time as there is no 3G in my small town. Edge is fast enough for what I do that I don't even bother to turn on wifi and typically don't bother to turn on 3G when I'm in a 3G capable area. And the commercials are certainly misleading - in this very thread someone thought it meant there was no coverage outside of the areas shown in the ad. There are certainly places I don't get reception. THere are also places...
the actual coverage map looks like this The verizon ads only show the 3G coverage area.
Verizon can't directly attack the iPhone too much since sometime next year they'll be selling it. They can attack the network. That only goes so far, we don't even have 3G in my small town, but I'm not about to get rid of my iPhone, even for the new Droid, which my wife just bought (she has to stay with verizon because her relatives all with verizon).
and the new iMac is already available for $1549 on this site. And part of the difference in price between the 27" iMac and the 30 inch cinema display is the difference between having a product that will sell in the millions vs a product that will sell in the 10 thousands.
The computer is basically free. The 27" iMac costs less than the 30" cinema HD display. Is another 160 vertical pixels worth another $100?
Acer's quarterly profits - $107 millionApple's quarterly profits - $1.23 Billion - before the adjustments that show the actual iPhone revenues taht bring it to $1.9 billionAcer's year over year revenue growth - 5%Apple's year over year revenue growth - 12% (again, before the adjustments)Apple's results are from the the 2nd calendar quarter. The 3rd quarter results will be announced Monday. Projections are those results will show a 13.5% revenue growth and 16% earnings...
More likely they figured out others would do it. They didn't make the browsers, the plugins, or the method to create plugins. And they certainly didn't invent AJAX.
no, it's OS X - with the same programming tools and many, but not all, of the same frameworks. It's pretty straightforward to write code that runs on both machines because the core of both is the same OS.
The iPhone OS is OS X, just like the MacOS. You can be 100% guaranteed it will run OS X. There are different applications (iPhone doesn't have the finder) and some different frameworks (cocoa touch vs cocoa), but it's still OS X.
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