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total cost of ownership tells a different story
I installed click to flash a few days ago, most pages I have no need to click. Suddenly my browser hasn't crashed either.
he didn't invent DOS, he bought it AFTER he licensed it to IBM.
we are making the same point.
The significance of not having flash on iPhone OS devices is clearly related to the importance of flash itself. If the importance of flash overall is declining, then it becomes less important if the iPad has flash.
I have SL on multiple machines. The only thing that ever crashes for me is Safari and the only reason it ever crashed for me is Flash.The same thing happened in Leopard.ClickToFlash exists for a reason, and it's not because people mind an animated ad here or there.
no it doesn't, you get one of these and carry it like a book. Kids can toss them in their book bags, business people can toss them in their briefcases.
No, the debate is if it's the real internet without flash, and my assertion is that Steve Jobs is leading the web away from proprietary flash to HTML5. I used the example of YouTube moving towards an HTML5 solution as evidence of the web is moving towards standards, which ultimately is better for everyone as there will be better security, better performance, better reliability, and for mobile/portable devices, better power management.
no, we're talking about the need for flash in relation to a web browser.
not on the general web, just on the iPhone app. youtube is now working on an HTML5 version of their web site.
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