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actually, like windows response to Macintosh, the goal seems to be to simply be a "good enough" copy, not something better. I'm taking OS and overall user experience, not specific hardware specs, which typically favor the latest release until the next rev from a competitor comes along. Good enough worked for Microsoft in the computer OS battle, It failed miserably in the MP3 player battle where Apple was able to stay ahead. It remains to be seen how the cell phone battle...
but curious that the attack is the other phone is more aesthetic
Verizon doesn't run the app store for Droid, why would this issue be a problem for carrying the iPhone.
how is Apple going to lose, the warranty is for manufacturing defects and expressly excludes issues due to abuse and neglect.
and you're certain Dana Reeve never had significant exposure to 2nd hand smoke?
I'm not sure that most posters actually read the article. Apple never said Nicotine causes cancer, they said the computer was "beyond economical repair due to tar from cigarette smoke". They also said "nicotine is on OSHA's list of hazardous substances and Apple would not require an employee to repair anything deemed hazardous to their health." They never said cancer, they said hazardous. Nicotine is toxic, exposure to high concentrations can kill people, lower...
My father, along with quite a few people he worked with, died because his employer thought it okay to knowingly let them work with known hazardous materials - asbestos. How can you honestly be this upset with a company who is taking a stand to protect their workers from a known health hazard? Are the warranty repair workers supposed to die to fix computers that were not faulty in the first place, but were rather damaged by neglect of their owners? Owners who knowingly...
Smoking in any public place or place of employment is illegal in Ohio - Ohio voters voted in favor of this ban in 2006.
it is, and typically on the mac the machine is ready to go by the time the lid opens. Why turn it off? I haven't found a reason in years.
Apple already effectively tried this with the iPhone. Initially all apps were to be Net 2.0 apps - that model failed, thus the release of Cocoa Touch based development and the App store. That model has had explosive growth. On an airplane with no internet, you can use your iPhone for many things, you can use your MacBook for many things. You'll be able to use your iTablet for many things. But what will a ChromeOS based NetBook be able to do? The focus on fast boot...
New Posts  All Forums: