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I guess you missed it - the first android phone is exclusive to t-moble. Try to buy one of those and move it to AT&T and you'll face the same issues you have taking an iPhone to T-Moble
There is a HUGE difference between buying more computer than you need (which happens all the time, not just with computers) and paying extra for something you cannot use at all. I can't imagine too many people would be happy to learn that most of the extra 2 GIGs of ram they just paid $250 for at DELL's recommendation is almost completely unusable by the OS. Or to learn that the OS hides the fact that it's unusable.
that refers to not having to flush the CPU's TLB to make a system call.
but has a lot to do with one system using modern APIs while the other system is still constrained by API decisions made for 16 bit that have been carried over all the way to 64 bit windows.
you have this backwards. Microsoft is pretty soundly criticized for not taking advantage of the transition to 64 bits as an opportunity to modernize their APIs, something Apple has clearly done with Cocoa and Objective-C 2.0. There is a reason Apple's market share has been growing larger quarter by quarter, growth which is only accelerating.
try looking at the chart - he's not forgetting the expenses. Just because AppleInsider may not have been as clear as they could have in a few places doesn't mean Munster got it wrong.
The problem is that high level cognitive engagement interrupts the high level thinking you are applying to the presumably higher level task you are using the computer for in the first place.
Steve Job's first market dominating product, the Apple ][, was very open - it even came with schematics and ROM listings.Macintosh never dominated the market and Steve Jobs wasn't still at Apple when it's chance to was blundered by people with no vision. Macintosh wasn't even outselling Apple ][ when steve was there.iPod dominates the marked and I see no signs at all of that slowing down innovation with the iPod. Quite the contrary, Apple has been very aggressive in...
with GPS, a compass and an accelerometer, you can potentially have your camera know what you took a picture of and where. i.e. if you are in disneyworld in front of the castle, are you taking a photo of the castle or of main street usa.
I fail to see where the advantage is, then, since iPhone is a Unix based (MACH based) OS and also runs on ARM processors currently.
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