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you just said 13" is as small as you should go for a laptop. How do you know smaller doesn't work? Because you have seen what happens when it goes smaller. In this case, you haven't seen the reverse, what happens when an iPod touch goes larger and has 3G or faster networking built in. I think it'll make an awesome laptop alternative. It'll be a heck of a lot lighter and easier to use than the pervasive netbooks on the market. And from your other post, why do you keep...
what are you talking about, this is going to be a touch with a larger screen and faster processer, not a laptop with a smaller screen and smaller processor. The MacBook is about as small as you'd want to go with a laptop because the keyboard, trackpad become hard to use if you go smaller.
some of your criticism are a bit odd. "Movies stored in the form of relatively small files? Kiss that good bye" - because nobody would want a larger, HD screen when they are watching a movie. Nobody would want a larger, HD screen, when playing games either? Or browsing the internet, reading email, etc. portability? It's certainly as portable as a netbook, which sell like crazy despite their awful keyboards, tiny trackpads, etc Why are things that small even using the...
http://www.apple.com/iphone/iphone-3gs/messages.html [quote]MMS support from AT&T coming in late summer.[/quote[ So basically Apple is being sued because someone thinks summer ends in mid august?Does MMS for all phones offer these later functions? Perhaps the delay is simply AT&T building a way to deliver something reasonable to other phones if an iPhone sends an MMS that is a contact or map location?
I guess you were one of the ones who couldn't make it through the whole ad. The 9 year old was the first. The second was a professional making a jingle for a commercial The 3rd was supposedly a professional musician writing a song for his band. And it's been clearly shown that the laptop was macbook pro, not a sony.
sure you can - select a file, copy, paste, you get a new copy of the file. What are you expecting it to do?
I guess you missed it - the first android phone is exclusive to t-moble. Try to buy one of those and move it to AT&T and you'll face the same issues you have taking an iPhone to T-Moble
There is a HUGE difference between buying more computer than you need (which happens all the time, not just with computers) and paying extra for something you cannot use at all. I can't imagine too many people would be happy to learn that most of the extra 2 GIGs of ram they just paid $250 for at DELL's recommendation is almost completely unusable by the OS. Or to learn that the OS hides the fact that it's unusable.
that refers to not having to flush the CPU's TLB to make a system call.
but has a lot to do with one system using modern APIs while the other system is still constrained by API decisions made for 16 bit that have been carried over all the way to 64 bit windows.
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