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Lisa wasn't Jobs - he did Macintosh when Apple's management wouldn't let him run the Lisa project.He did find a Niche with NeXT - NeXT got out of the hardware business and NeXTStep found a place in the financial industry and WebObjects as a web development platform. Enough of a niche to keep NeXT going until Apple needed an operating system. Today's Macintosh, today's iPhone, and tomorrow's tablet all are based on NeXTStep.He also didn't do the eMate, that was released...
how much does it really matter if you can't get 3G coverage in places like this
I was trying to figure out if it's the same guy in both videos. Any idea what software that is, or is it all just faked video? If it's faked, they sure put a lot of work into it. Some of the effects seemed to have that apple touch, but the contents of the drawer didn't really look like anything Apple would do - a bunch of little lists/tables that graphically aren't distinguishable.at a minimum, it's a good concept video for those who think it has to run MacOS to be...
could this be it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIGd4aBzhTU&NR=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghPkhnCJYw4&NR=1
but the vast majority of the people do have 3G coverage where they work/live and most of the few that don't have wireless internet where they work/live. Is it really a big deal if maybe 10% of the people in country can't get 3G coverage from AT&T while they are driving their car and instead get the same EDGE coverage that the initial iPhone had?
Apple isn't going to announce new carriers for the iPhone in an earnings call. They also aren't going to announce it very far in advance of it actually happening because it would slow iPhone sals from those who would prefer a different carrier.
that was from a different source, not from flurry, and said I would hope 1280 is correct, so it can show 720p HD content at full resolution - something like 1280x720 or 1280x800.
no, but they do try to draw conclusions based on the apps they did trackand then later in the reportof course the tablet will offer games and entertainment, but to conclude that productivity and computing aren't also targets is drawing conclusions from data they don't have as they wouldn't have any data from testing with unreleased apps. For example, the rumored iWork touch wouldn't show up in their data.And it's with new and revised applications that the tablet becomes a...
to reply to my own post. it's not tracking ads, but rather flurry had analytics that developers can ad to their own apps that reports back to flurry as the apps are launched. This is for developers to track the usage of their own apps, but certainly could tell Flurry about new devices running those same apps. But, again, this tracking would be limited to the existing apps this analyltics is installed on, thus their tracking wouldn't tell you anything about new apps, like...
if that is the case, the report is worded poorly since it says it's tracking downloaded apps, and the conclusions are more a reflection of what kind of apps would have an ad rather than the makeup of apps running on the tablet. For example I'm pretty certain that iWork touch, if it exists, wouldn't have embedded ads.
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