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screen size, distance to screen and resolution are what it takes to get iMax quality.  Plenty of people today have movie theater quality at home with the same immersive movie theater experience, only it's built for 4 to 15 people instead of 200-1000 people.
3D was misunderstood.  People expected it to be like color or HD where all content would benefit.  That was never the point.  3D was about being able to watch a movie like Avatar in 3D as was intended.  Watching Avatar in 2D is like watching the wizard of OZ in black and white.  Unlike color or even HD, though, it was never expected that all content would eventually be in 3D.  Studios when through a phase where they forced 3D, including converting movies previously...
 why does broadcast TV even matter when talking about Apple TV?  Apple TV is a streaming device, not a broadcast device.  4K is already happening.  Netflix streams 4k, Amazon streams 4K, Sony has a 4K service, the stores are full of 4K TVs (which are coming down in price), 4K Blu Ray is coming this fall, etc.  Sure, content is limited now, but the amount of content will only grow over time.
Why is it assumed the vans that have been spotted aren't related? If you want to build a self driving/self navigating car, you need pretty precise data. When a person is driving, it's okay if the navigator doesn't 100% match the destination (how many times have you arrived at the destination but the navigator thinks you aren't there yet), when a computer is driving, you better make sure it knows where that destination is.
yes, I've been a Mac developer since 1984 (back in the day where you had to have a modified LISA to develop with).  I lived through both previous transitions and have watched Apple eliminate nearly all of the major issues from the prior transitions (the obvious exception is people who need windows emulation).  If developers are doing their jobs correctly, there shouldn't be any CPU dependencies in their code.  And the core of many apps already works on ARM because so many...
no, the message to get apps is really, really easy.  Developers, new and revised apps submitted to the app store after x date must be universal binaries. They don't need a rosetta. They don't need every legacy app. They don't need mac pro performance.  All they need is developers to build their apps to support both platforms.  It's really no different that requiring 64 bit support for iOS apps in the app store (and really no harder for developers). The Mac can be smart...
 There are christmas decorations all over an ad that clearly ends in a Christmas gift.  Of course it's a Christmas ad.
So Apple is being sued for not violating the DMCA? Did Microsoft also get sued for having their own DRM system that wasn't wouldn't allow music purchased with it to play on the iPod? Everyone who bought music from Apple can still play it all. People have lost access to their purchased music if they bought it with Microsoft's system, which ended up telling customers to violate the DMCA to keep their music.
 you missed the whole macs went form single person running single program where you had to quit the app to run another program to a single person running multiple programs (switcher then multifinder) to today's multiple user accounts. iOS has already gone from a single user running a single app where they had to quit that app to run another app to a multi-app experience that looks very much like switcher. I don't really understand why people are arguing against it as a...
to make it usable by more people, just like they do with the Mac.  How is allowing multiple accounts on an iPad really any different than allowing them on a MacBook Air?
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