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Samsung didn't sell 10 million phones in 30 days, they shipped 10 million phones. There is a significant difference, especially when just a few weeks later orders were cut 30%.
  the 15 inch retina MBP has a 4 core i7, can be configured with 16 gigs of ram, can drive multiple large screen displays, and benchmarks within a hair of the 27 inch iMac.  Certainly the 8 and 12 core Mac Pro is faster, but other than that, there's no real performance advantage in a desktop vs the retina MBP.
  it still adds to the cost and makes other compromises to the machine (how do you have a user replaceable battery in a unibody design) when the battery should already last about 3 years if you drain it and charge it every single day.   I've never had to replace a battery on a unibody MacBook and we've had over a half dozen of them.
our they could make them lighter and thinner by using a smaller batter.
Samsung sells products all over the world. When they bring profits from those sales that were already taxed overseas to the US, not only do they not have to pay any taxes on that money, they get tax incentives to invest in selling in america. Apple sells products all over the world and pays the appropriate taxes all over the world for those sales. If they want to bring that money into the US, they will be slapped with a 35% corporate tax on products manufactured,...
  They should end up with more (paying) customers per app, not less.  Once people  pay the $50, they can try out apps that you otherwise wouldn't have had access to.
  A single app is $20/month.  If you use more than 2 1/2, the $50/month saves money vs licensing them separately if that were an option.  I don't think Adobe expects everyone to to use all of the apps.  And your boss should prefer the small monthly fee vs the previous hefty upgrade fee.  It's a lot easier to budget for.   And now if you some day have a need for one of the other apps beyond the 4 you currently use, they are effectively free.
There is some really bad misinformation here.  It's being completely overlooked that there are multiple options.   - subscribe to everything It's $50/month, upgrades are included in the price.  It used to cost about $2000 to buy the CS6 master collection, upgrades were extra.  If you are a professional that needs it and can't get $50/month of value out of it, you're doing something wrong.   - students get a discounted subscription for $30/month.   - if you...
  so you're saying this will be bad for people who steal software?
competition is good.  When I want to rent something, first I look at Netflix and amazon prime to see if I can stream it at no cost, then I look at vudo, Sony entertainment network, and itunes to see if one is cheaper than the other.  If it supports airplay (or an appleTV version is released), I can add that to the list.   The crazy thing is if I want to buy something, often times the bluray/DVD/ultraviolet combo pack is cheaper than buying a digital copy on iTunes or...
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