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  Why do you think that you need cable service to watch video? .   you can watch it when you travel and don't have access to cable. you can watch it in a room not wired for cable if they allow you to subscribe that way, you can watch it without having cable/satellite TV at all.   Also, on demand video is 100x better than using DVR where you have to know in advance you want to record it and nave to manage the free space on the DVR.
Apple is going about this backwards.  Build an App store for AppleTV and they would already have HBO Go and much more content, for the same reason they already have it on the iPad.
  it was called an analogy.   And several channels have been listed   Amazon Video - Available on Roku, not available on Apple TV.  this is not the same as netflix.  Amazon Video has some different free content with Prime and also lets you rent other content   HBO - Available on Roku, not available on AppleTV   Ted Talks - Avalible on Roku, not available on AppleTV   Vudu - available on roku, not available on apple TV   There are others.    some of these are available on...
if you subscribe to HBO, you can watch it on your home tv.  HBO Go is designed to let subscribers watch HBO while they are traveling.  If you are traveling with Roku, you can watch HBO in your hotel room TV without bringing a computer.  If you are traveling with AppleTV, you can't.  Not even if you have an iPad.   This reminds me of one more thing they desperately need to fix on AppleTV.  It doesn't let you sign into the internet at a hotel. So expand my list...
  it's like saying my TV can get NBC and CBS, so why does it need ABC, there's plenty of content on NBC and CBS.  Nevermind the sports fans who want monday night football and the nba finals.
  what are you talking about?  The official apple position in 2007 was to limit iPhone apps to Web 2.0 apps which produced limited results.  A year later they gave developers an SDK to write native apps and the results have been phenomenal.  At the time Steve Jobs said they did the SDK/App Store because developers asked to be able to do more than they could via Web2.0.   Apple TV faces a similar situation today.  Airplay Mirroring is to AppleTV what Web 2.0 was to iPhone....
  just a few whiners?  why should a TV media device limit your choices of media sources?  Look at all of the video apps on the iPad.  HBO Go, Showtime Anywhere, Amazon Prime, Vudu, TedTalksTV, etc, etc.  Apple periodically adds apps to the built in set, but has yet to let people choose others to add.  It's like selling a TV that can only get a predetermined number of the available TV networks.  They tried a similar approach with the iPhone when it was first released, but...
  I want it down to this size with an RF remote and power over HDMI.  Also HDMI 1.4 with 3D and an App Store.  
  because stating it's just minor tweaks and not any new functionality after the FCC leak helps ensure people don't stop buying the old model to wait for the newer one.  That's the second recent leak that had a quick response, the other was the 128gig iPad being released right after it likely existence was first discovered.
AppleTV needs apps.  There are really only two things the current AppleTV doesn't support, that's 3D and an App store.  Technically you don't need a new AppleTV to have an App store, but more memory would certainly be useful for that as some of the current memory needs to be set aside for storing video.
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