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  Just because you can do some things on some other computer doesn't make the iPad not a computer.  I can't use a macbook to run the web server for our company because we have too much traffic, does that mean the macbook isn't a computer?  Of course not.
  The iPad most certainly is a computer.  The question isn't is is a computer, it's is it a PC.  My answer is it's the most personal computer ever made.  Which is why it's so quickly become so popular.  69 million units sold this year alone and likely over 100 million units sold next year.  It's competing head to head with windows PCs for sales, how do you call it anything else.
strange world the analysts live in.   Sell a flash memory device with a 11 inch screen that has a pointing device where you tap, slide, pinch with your fingers, but have to coordinate the actions of your fingers with a virtual finger that's on the display. give it a mandatory physical keyboard and you have a "PC".   Move the pointing device onto the screen itself where you can directly manipulate the content, shrink the screen by 1", make the physical keyboard...
  You said "apple isn't locking anything up" then proceeded to explain just how they have managed to lock things up by effectively controlling a large percentage of the world's supply for the necessary equipment.  Not just now, but into the future.
Are you sur about this? I googled it and what I saw is the fast majority of sessions are wifi. I couldn't find a breakdown of wifi only iPads vs the models with built in cellular. I will only. Buy the cellular model, yet 90% of my own sessions are wifi. If this is the stat used, this is an awful way to calculate the sales for each model.
  It depends if Apple is satisfied with 60% market share or if they want 90% market share.  A 7" iPad priced at $249 could do for the iPad market share what the smaller iPods did for apple's MP3 market share when they were announce.  Companies were competing with less expensive devices with less capacity.  Apple made them all instantly irrelevant with it's expanded iPod line.  A 7" iPad (iPad mini?) has the potential to do the same thing.  Consider that Apple already...
So microsoft turned a tablet into a laptop computer that you can't actually use on your laptop.
  There are technical reasons - here is the reason for Siri - there is new hardware built into the A5 that is specifically to support Siri.  Apple won't release as substandard implementation on devices that don't have this hardware.     http://article-interlingual.blogspot.com/2012/02/iphone-4s-has-special-noise-reduction.html  
  They could be compressing the image more for 3G connections to reduce bandwidth which may require the faster processor in the 4S to get the reliability and performance Apple wants.   See the Siri example, You can hack Siri to run on the iPhone 4 as well, but the 4 doesn't have the hardware support that's built into the 4S that allows for better voice recognition. So in that case it wasn't an arbitrary decision to require the 4S.  I doubt it was just an arbitrary...
  They aren't even targeting the same use.  The only thing they have in common is they stream movies.  How many of the top 100 movies on the iTunes store are even available on Netflix streaming. I would be shocked if the number is more than 5.  Apple doesn't consider netflix streaming a competitor, they even bundle it on the AppleTV.   The question for Apple isn't does Netflix generate more revenue than iTunes movies, it's simply the question of if iTunes movie revenue is...
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