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 the first is from january.  The iPhone didn't come out until September.  That seems like plenty of time to start a building a whole new chip with a different supplier (which was the reason given). We should find out for sure in a few days when the iPhone 5s teardowns are posted. The best reason to suggest that samsung isn't making them is their rushed announcement that they will also have a 64 bit phone some day. Either way, Apple clearly has motivation to move away from...
might as well be giving out monopoly money
  you could have just stopped at the bolded part.   I really don't get the surface pro.  It's a tablet that wants to be a laptop, but as a laptop, it has an awful keyboard/trackpad and can't actually be used on your lap.  You can get a actual windows 8 netbook for less than half the price.  And as a tablet, I really don't see the appeal of running apps designed for the desktop without a mouse/keyboard.  Touch UI has different requirements than mouse/keyboard UI....
  it is quite odd that the press release of an "independent study" directly quotes the president of the company that the study favors.  Especially when media devices were only a small part of the study.
  using netflix to airplay a movie from an iPad doesn't give you the same quality as having the video streamed directly, either via AppleTV or via Chromecast.  I've also tried airplay from my macbook pro, it also wasn't the same quality as having the device stream the the video directly.   And I told you, look at my post history.  I've been posting on here since 2004 and my post history goes back to 2007.
  HDMI has digital audio.  And unlike the article said, the Chromecast supports 1080p.   I've been an apple guy since my parents bought me an Apple ][+ in 1980 (you can check my post history).  I ordered my first mac the day it was released and have used them ever since.  I've had iPhones since the day they were released, iPads since the day they were released.  We have a house full of Apple TVs.  Sometimes other companies come out with something clever.  This is one of...
Netflix on iOS works, you just need the latest version.
  I completely disagree.  Benchmarks numbers are used to advertise your product as faster than your competitor for running apps.  Over clocking your processor only to run the benchmark, and not to run any other apps is flat out intentional fraudulent advertising.
doesn't that amount to fraudulent advertising?
  There is a huge, huge difference between using a remote app on an iPhone or iPad to control a UI that is on a different screen vs simply using the iPhone or iPad's netflix app to navigate to and play your content.   And remote control volume uses the CEC standard.  You aren't controlling the volume with amplitude modulation, which is an awful way to control volume on a TV.  You are actually controlling the actual volume.  The volume control gets to the TV via CEC over...
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