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I think that's what I said - and that I appreciate your running it.
Of course it's partly an ad, anyone who clicks on the link should realize that. It's also partly a legitimate story if the prices were just lowered. And of course they make money when you click. THere's nothing wrong with a free site making some money. And it's a win-win situation. Use their link to buy the 17" macbook pro and it costs $1,814.38, order it without using their link and it costs $1,879.99. We ordered one that we wouldn't have ordered without the story.
Why does apple need to cross license their own patents when they already are using a valid license to the patents in question.
They're both right. Jobs wasn't fired from Apple, but he was fired as head of the macintosh division that was the future of Apple. Which to Steve was the same thing. He still had an office, but had no work to do, and was blocked from creating any new work. The problem with Macintosh Office they were promoting in 85 is it was incomplete. They had the computer with a great graphical user interface, they had the laserwriter, they had the network, Steve burned out his...
Then why would you care about 3G?
why are you overlooking the iPod? It dominated and continues to dominate the MP3 player market. Apple's current market share looks a heck of a lot more like iPod than it ever did for Macintosh. Here's the october mobile market share chart.Not quite what we've been led to believe, huh? Because it includes all iOS devices instead of just restricting things to the area Android has moved lots of units by mostly giving them away. Of course, this chart reflects people...
Funny out pre iPhone is used as a distinction when the iPhone is OS X, which is NeXTStep, which was designed in the 80s. Certainly Apple designed Cocoa Touch specifically for the iPhone, but much of what is discussed here (i.e. caching object bitmaps) are things NeXTStep 1.0 did correctly. Which enabled things like live scrolling, live window movement, etc on the desktop with the same fluidity as the UI on iOS devices.
what loss of tax revenue? Apple paid no taxes before in that town before they bought the land and built the server farm. They massively increased the value of the land they bought. What was just low priced land is now a $1 billion data center. There are the 50 full time jobs to support the data center There were the countless construction jobs to build it There are more potential construction jobs to build the rumored 2nd phase that doubles the size There are more...
Pretty much the entire OS was brought over. Cocoa, Core Foundation, etc, were all developed at NeXT.
either we must have different definitions of lightning fast or the solid state drive has a bigger impact than i think. I have 17" quad core i7 iMac with 12 gigs of ram. I run Photoshop, Xcode, Safari, Mail, and a few other things and there are times the computer lags. I'd probably have the 13 inch MBA already if it had an 8 gig ram option, I just can't see dropping down to 4 for my production work and I use an iPad for my other portable computing needs.
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