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  For your first point, I don't see what the big deal is, none of apple's product photos show the power cord.  Who's going to see it once you plug it in?  it all goes behind your TV.   For your second point, for many TVs you don't have to switch a thing.   For your 3rd point, and your later UI point, they are related.  The netflix app on the iPad has a better UI than any other device that plays netflix.  Now that is your UI for watching on TV.   Someone earlier said this...
  The UI for doing this on blu ray players is generally awful.  I've tried pretty much every brand.  And the supported streaming sources varies as well.   For this, the UI is your normal iPad apps.  It's so simple, it's brilliant.
  yes, I've used the apple remote app, it's still easier to just use the netflix app that is optimized for finding netflix content using a touch UI.   And I was referring to more sources that stream directly from the web.  For example, vudu.  SUre, you can airplay mirror for apple tv, but you have to leave your device on. The few times I tried airplay mirroring to stream content for apps on the iPad the quality wasn't as good as streaming to the device directly. I like...
  It doesn't tie up the device.  The point is you can find your content on your iPad or iPhone, then have it play on your TV with the same quality it would play on an AppleTV.   As great as the appletv UI is, I've used my iPad to add content to the netflix queue, then went back to the apple tv to play it because it's faster to search that way.  I've often wished there was better integration between the two without using airplay, which ties up the iPad while it's streaming...
  I spent 10 minutes looking into it and ordered one.  It seems like a clever idea (certainly way better than that horribly designed google tv), you don't stream the ipad content to the chromecast, you basically just pass off the url and the chromecast does streams it directly from the server.  At $35 that includes 3 months of netflix streaming, apparently even for existing customers, it effectively only costs $11.03.  Certainly cheap enough to give it a shot.   A couple...
Seems to be getting ready for an Apple TV App Store. I will be shocked if they don't have one before Christmas.
The more interesting thing than free long distance is now the iPad and iPod touch owners can make phone calls to other iOS users. It's just a matter of time before the phone service part is optional.
Samsung didn't sell 10 million phones in 30 days, they shipped 10 million phones. There is a significant difference, especially when just a few weeks later orders were cut 30%.
  the 15 inch retina MBP has a 4 core i7, can be configured with 16 gigs of ram, can drive multiple large screen displays, and benchmarks within a hair of the 27 inch iMac.  Certainly the 8 and 12 core Mac Pro is faster, but other than that, there's no real performance advantage in a desktop vs the retina MBP.
  it still adds to the cost and makes other compromises to the machine (how do you have a user replaceable battery in a unibody design) when the battery should already last about 3 years if you drain it and charge it every single day.   I've never had to replace a battery on a unibody MacBook and we've had over a half dozen of them.
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