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why is the 9.7 inch iPad called a 10" tablet while the 7.9" iPad is called a 7" tablet?
  They didn't.  You can watch on a Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or AppleTV.  i.e. all of the devices apple's latest technology can be at both ends of the connection.   Am I reading too much into it to think they much think this is a pretty big event to pick it to bring back the live streaming
This whole thing is bizarre.  The new Maps app is my favorite feature of the new OS.  We just went out of town for the weekend and used it all of the time to find and get where we needed to go without the slightest hitch.  I've seen the pictures where the 3d satellite view has some glitches which has had zero impact on my use of the app.  Is there something else wrong because I don't see why that alone has caused all of this controversy.  A feature that isn't even in the...
  I'm sure competitors can do similar analysis.  In fact a key competitor actually built the chip.
  what gives them the right to sue someone for using parts where the manufacturer already paid to license the patents? Didn't someone get a suit against Apple tossed out not to long ago for this very reason?
shouldn't it be illegal to license your patents to a chip supplier then sue companies for using those very chips? The patents have already been licensed.
Actually, even without the write off, they still lost quite a bit of money for the quarter.
  We have garment printers in our company that require a windows computer.  They won't even work with an iMac running boot camp.  Does that mean a mac isn't a computer?  Of course not. Tons of printers sold in years past won't work with any computer on the market today.  Some require the no longer supported AppleTalk, others require parallel ports, or lack drivers.  The iPad prints.  Someone buying an iPad for their only computer can buy a supported printer for as little...
  there are plenty of great games in the app store.   printing - I just bought my daughter a printer for college, she can print directly to it from her iPad   USB for cameras - Apple sells an adapter   http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC531ZM/A/apple-ipad-camera-connection-kit   icloud is the backup. And it's free for up to 5 gigs.   fact is, the iPad can do all of the tasks you listed and a lot more, and does them quite well.  The specific connections used to accomplish...
  Just because you can do some things on some other computer doesn't make the iPad not a computer.  I can't use a macbook to run the web server for our company because we have too much traffic, does that mean the macbook isn't a computer?  Of course not.
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