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AppleTV needs apps.  There are really only two things the current AppleTV doesn't support, that's 3D and an App store.  Technically you don't need a new AppleTV to have an App store, but more memory would certainly be useful for that as some of the current memory needs to be set aside for storing video.
how is this any different from a web browser returning pornographic results?
I never knew you could sue a competitor for having a sale.   Also, I'm curious what day this happened.  I went to Best Buy the week before christmas to buy an iPhone 5 for a gift, it was on sale for $50 off.  I didn't have to ask for a price match, they were having a sale.  They were out of stock for the 64 gig model so I had to get the 32 gig model.  I tried to get a price match at Verizon for the 64 gig model, they said they would lose money if they sold them at...
  Smasung has other customers, if they screw one over like this, they risk losing the business of others.
why are people stealing devices with built in location tracking?
  they just did, didn't they?  Was the 4th generation iPad released to get the iPad on a fall release schedule, or was it just a minor speed bump style update needed to update the connector.  I could certainly see Apple doing two releases/year for both the iPad, one major update, one speed bump update.  There are a lot of competitors, they want the iPad to stay out in front.
this has to be the most overblown issue I've seen in a long time.  Every time I've used it, the new Maps app works great.  Far better than the old Google app. 
The web site still says available november for the 21" model and december for the 30" model.  Of course it doesn't actually let you order either of them.  We need two of the 21" iMacs, so hopefully this is just an unfounded rumor.   I have a hard time believing they can't build any to ship in november, but the month is already half over.
At work we need two new 21" iMacs.  We delayed the purchase slightly because the new models were being released.  It's almost 3 weeks now since they were announced and you still can't even preorder them anywhere, which is pretty surprising.  Has anyone heard anything other than "available in november"?
  a must for who?   100 million people get plenty done with ARM based iPads and their 2048-by-1536 display.  Why wouldn't' the A7 be powerful enough for a $799 11" MacBook Air, 8 hour battery, retina display, under 2 lbs?  No windows support, office or adobe.  And no thunderbolt.  But runs everything in the mac app store within a couple of months of launch.  Optional 4G LTE version.  Apple would sell millions of them.
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