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Use http://download.cnet.com/OmniDiskSweeper/3000-18512_4-6226.html  to figure out what is eating space.  That utility is free.
Updated it at work.  Lets see how caching works over a period of time.
Apple is moving at a snail's pace in developing markets. I have been using Kindle for several years in India without any problems and iBooks insists on showing me the free books instead of the paid content. I can understand movies and music (though there are service providers that sell these in India), but I don't understand why the book store needs to be delayed.
If you used the option to rebuild the spotlight index in Onyx, it is probably rebuilding it.   To fix your issue, another option to try would be to install the combo update for your version of the operating system.   If some of the system files are messed up, that usually fixes it.   The combo updates are available on Apple's support site.  
install onyx and use the rebuild dyld cache option and see if that helps.  clean everything up with onyx first.
I have about 9200+ photos that are managed by iPhoto (9.4.1 / the latest and greatest version in the App. Store) and I find the performance of iPhoto while starting up and shutting down is degrading.  Especially while shutting down.   The photo database by itself is around 44GB.   How do I improve performance?   I have an 24inch iMac from 2010.   Does Aperture work better or does any of the Adobe products (the reasonably priced ones) work better? Thanks.
As someone who cares, it is in your right to let the person know that they are not ok.  The problem with mental health is that it is very hard to convince the person that he / she needs help.   Unless you are someone in her circle of trust or you know someone in that circle, it is not going to help much. 
I use my MacBook Pro extensively and I updated to 10.8.   Safari was misbehaving and that was fixed with a "Reset Safari".  They have changed the functionality of some of the Unix commands (grep for example has lost the -P  option and now supports a non standard -p) which annoys the hell out of development scripts.  Otherwise, I  haven't noticed any battery life issues so far. 
I have been using 10.7.2 extensively on my iMac and Macbook Pro and haven't faced this issue. Try reinstalling 10.7.2 with a combo update?
Android user base is heading towards saturation with the current rate of activation of about 700K devices per day. This is happening with Version 2.x of the operating system. ICS - Android 4.0 - is going to find itself locked out of a saturated market and the user experience gap between Android 2.x and Windows Mobile 7.5 or Apple IOS will continue to grow. Add malware and a market without safeguards and it makes you wonder if Android is working hard to screw itself over.
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