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Is anyone moving to Canada if Obama gets re-elected or was that honor reserved only for GWB?
Have they test the iPhone thoroughly for such behavior? Privacy concerns are forcing me to reconsider the ridiculously priced iPhone again in India (25% more expensive than the price in the US).
Please. Are you that scared that the republicans might lose? In fact, nothing beats a house that is tied. It will force the two major parties to deal with one other in a more constructive way or face re-election. Do coalitions exist in the US political system? It would be nice if either party was forced to form a coalition with Paul to run the government.
Sales of Kindle fire > review from a "expert" via Daring Fireball. The Kindle Fire has a limited set of use cases. It is reasonable for the pricing and the functionality. No point in comparing it with iPad.
+1. The iPad isn't the reason for the problem. It is the global industry undergoing recession and the fact that corporations have woken up to the fact that they don't need to keep upgrading their machines every other year.
I think we should encourage the Church in culling the dumb flock. We are short on resources on this planet and we don't need to waste them.
Good luck.
Technology like Siri needs all the love it can get. That includes all the hacks and the ports. I recently read an article about how Siri was hacked to operate a thermometer. This is the right way to evolve Siri. The users can find more uses for Siri than Apple can think of. Even the original creator of Siri had a much broader vision for Siri. The kinect is another technology I can think of that has been put to use in many more areas outside the initial domain. ...
Was a 38MB (approx) update for the iPad2. The progress bars are scary during the update.
America is stepping up military presence in the middle east possibly in Kuwait. The Iraqi withdrawal is just news for the masses.
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