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https://discussions.apple.com/thread...art=0&tstart=0 The short answer is to stick to Netbeans or Eclipse or IntelliJ.
Time for people to start using Linux some more for business.
The sickening thing about man in the middle attacks is that you will never know it happened unless the software is smart enough. The reason chrome caught it is because of it's strong security feature. The irony is that you bend over backwards with Chrome and expose all your personal browsing habits and history to Google, but at least it prevents others from snooping on you. \
This is social engineering at it's best. Shouting down anyone when they raise a concern to make it appear that Apple's devices are immune to all threats. IOS needs to be fixed. If release 5.0 is around the corner, are we sure that it contains this fix? They might be in a code-freeze for defect fixing.
In Safari, click on History->Reopen all Windows from Last session. That takes care of your requirement. Firefox is better than Chrome in my opinion as I am don't like feeding my usage habits to Google. I don't know if Apple does something like that with Safari, but I assume it doesn't.
Lets eat the poor! rar!! How dare they die without contributing anything to society! They must be useful for something.
I like the current eco friendly machines. Dumping of e-waste is a serious problem.
Can we try and stay away from other people's personal lives?
Bada is a replacement for Samsung's proprietary OS that is meant to run on the low end devices. Not on the overpowered devices that run Android.
Auto resume on Lion has to be supported by the application. On the iOS it was necessary for applications to support resume from day 1. As applications evolve, this feature will be useful.
New Posts  All Forums: