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No, it is not just you. That resemblance is scary.
It was expected. I hope Steve Jobs spends some quality time for the reminder of his life doing something else other than spearheading Apple.
I seriously want to know how the media jumped to the conclusion that it was some jihadi group almost immediately after the explosion. The fucking propaganda machine needs to slow down a bit. Now the crazy idiot who shot people has apparently stated that he will explain himself in court. (http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/eu...cks/index.html). I am with Sammi Jo on the explosion theories. If you are pulling off a terror act, might as well as do it with maximum impact.
It is Beats By Dre which is driving the industry wide push for improving audio quality on online stores including Apple's move from 16bit to 24bit.
I like your point of view except for the last statement. I am from India and we have the fucker who shot people in the railway station behind bars for a long time now. If you are combating scum bags that ruin your way of life, I don't see a point in wasting natural resources to keep them alive.
Stop trading oil in USD and start using Euros or gold. That will fix things in a jiffy. On second thought, probably not. The US will take over the oil fields in the middle east with trillions of I.O.U.s to Hamilton and the rest.
The doc detailing security patch is not yet available on Apple's website.
Kaspersky Internet Security Suite. It is not free.
Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politic...#ixzz1HL2p0N9C
The mobile industry is a cartel of goons with deep pockets. This one shows who is suing who in the industry.
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