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Irrelevant? How so?
It is an electronics product for heaven's sake. Before you bring out the pitchforks, breath-in, breath-out...
If it suits your requirements, it is a good deal. The biggest issue with Microsoft was lack of credibility for their mobile venture, but with the tie-up with Nokia, that has changed. Microsoft+Nokia / Apple / Android manufacturers = more choice for the customer.
The middle east needs stability so that the world can gets it's oil. All the dictators have been funded, supported and put in place by powers outside of the middle east. While democracy is nice for the people, it will also break the influence of the external forces in the policy of the oil producing nation. Also, providing support for democracy in one middle eastern country will more than likely piss off OPEC and we don't want that, do we? Again, Saudi Arabia is...
On a note, it is very nice to read your updates. Due to the language difference, it is hard to know what is happening from a human perspective. Also, wasn't there a wikileaks from someone in the Japanese power industry raising flags on nuclear accidents and the cover up of actual costs of post processing and maintenance?
People are panicky creatures in a herd. They might be reasonable on an individual basis. The government cannot spread mass panic, so some lack of updates is OK in my opinion.
I don't know about Apple's focus on the Mac. But I am sick and tired of Safari being so vulnerable year after year in the pwn2own contests. If you look at the bug fixes for security for Webkit, almost all of the defects are raised outside of Apple. Where is the focus on the Mac? In a networked world, security is more important than ever. I don't want to expose all my data to Google, so using Chrome is out of the question. Perhaps, I should shift to Opera or Firefox.
It does address a whole bunch of issue related to memory corruption. Kudos to Google for raising these defects.
Please share your experiences on how flash based websites that are designed for a desktop scale and work on a small screen touch based device. I use a Samsung Galaxy Android phone. I hate it, but need it for work. Battery life is laughable if I use it for data. Tried the same thing on an iPhone and it makes me jealous. The battery life and performance of the phone went up after I rooted it. Makes you wonder what the manufacturers and Google are upto. Touch screen...
He has built a culture in Apple. I am sure Tim Cook or someone else will retain the same culture. All things come to pass.
New Posts  All Forums: