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Just stop trade with China. That should fix the problem real quick. But if that isn't happening, I don't see how the brainwashed masses will stop leading their lives on credit.
Lets continue fighting over rumors. Its good for the hit count...
I hope WM7 is not the OS in new Nokia devices. It would be best to get a WM8 out with the missing features from WM7 implemented along with Nokia's feedback. WM7 goes to the extent of specifying screen resolution (only one) that is supports. Silverlight integrated with WM7 only has a small subset of Silverlight for the Web & .Net elimination a lot of easy portability. WM7 is a experiment after the failure of the previous version.
This article is pure FUD. Android's sandboxed VM model keep applications isolated. With regard to user data protection, like mentioned earlier on, the notification bar tells you than an application was installed and unless you requested the install, common sense dictates that you remove it. This is similar to running a trojan application on the Mac. If common sense fails on the part of the user, nothing can be done about it. I personally like the over the air install...
Any list of new features in 4.3?
1. Stop assuming that China doesn't know how to write software. They have been manufacturing and using phones in much larger volumes than the US for a longer time. They also make clones of every new smartphone including the iPhone. But the OS is not the same. Do you think writing an OS that behaves like the iOS is trivial? 2. Android's bubble will burst and the sales will slow down. Already there is talk about "too much android" from large vendors. 3. For...
payout dividends to stockholders for a change?
The Tesla cars are sexy. Big freaking deal with Google's shuffle at the top.
If you have wget installed, try this and run the .swf file with flash player. Move the extra blank window out of the way. This is for the specific example you quoted and it is probably a violation of terms of use of the application. So you are still better off asking the developer for a standalone application.
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