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I think it was good. It made several people feel awkward, but people need to stop taking themselves too seriously. They are entertainers, ffs.
This is a litmus test for governance. I hope they don't fuck up like the US did with Katrina.
As per the last press release by Apple covered here http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...upid_ones.html Apple was sitting on 51b USD cash and that figure is likely to have increased by now. Does Apple pay dividends?
Where can I get more information about this new antenna and frame design?
Good point, but it is a choice between the devil and deep sea. Both models don't put the consumer in control. How exactly is Apple being in control better than the carrier? It is a tie-in / lock-down either way. At least we are thankful to Apple for giving us a better user experience while we are in a gilded cage.
Talking about education: Watch this video. http://bit.ly/9FliM8 I loved it.
The university fees went up by about 9000 pounds from what I saw on the news. I didn't see it go up three times. A new revolution that kills the excessive globalization and capitalism would be nice. We need to be more self dependent and encourage fresh perspectives on life. As it stands, the current 'western' way of living is not sustainable for the planet, but it still gets propagated by the media. We also need to hold the governments responsible for the people. ...
Sarcasm isn't your cup of tea. I found his reply to be entertaining.
Since the dollar bill is not a true representation of the value, it is nothing more than wasted paper. More virtual numbers in losses...
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