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I support the students in this one. The tuition fee hike by 9K pounds is nasty. At the same time, you can see the members of parliament debate over increased spending for education, etc. in Zimbabwe. There has to be some limit to hypocrisy.
Wikileaks is good. I believe the current set of leaks are controlled release by the US. If the founder is put in jail, more will take his place. We live in the information age. Time for some of these hypocritical dinosaurs that are ruling us to evolve or go extinct.
Here is an analysis on the possible reasons for the skirmish. http://in.news.yahoo.com/137/2010112...ea-launch.html IT WAS ALL A MISUNDERSTANDING IT WAS ANOTHER BLACKMAIL ATTEMPT IT WAS A BID TO BOLSTER SUPPORT AT HOME IT WAS A SIGN OF DESPERATION IT WAS THE MILITARY MAKING TROUBLE IT WAS ALL OF THE ABOVE (OR MOST) I think the last option makes sense. In any case, I stand by my earlier statement that North Korea was just making a statement. It doesn't want war despite...
Samsung will sell millions of its devices globally as it has the sales network in place and the device runs on Android. Battery life will be an issue, but it will be overlooked. Sales will improve once Android 3.0 is released. Right now the devices runs Android 2.2 which Google doesn't recommend for tablets. Apple's global sales network sucks. While Apple's iPad will continue to thrive in the markets where it has a lead, I doubt if the volume will pick up...
Kim maybe crazy, but South Korea did conduct military exercises in the area; but they claim their artillery "was fired away from North Korean waters." North Korea claims South Korea shelled them first and that they retaliated afterwards. The kettle calling the pot black. Artillery shelling across borders isn't something new and it hardly constitutes an act of war. If you look at the last announcement about enriching uranium and the timing of this agression, it seems...
I fail to see Wormhole's point. Anyway, I was wondering when this topic of the TSA would get a thread on AI for a while now. These scanners are not fool proof. You can tighten the noose all you want, but determined people will find work arounds. Whom are the TSA trying to fool? Full Body Scanner FAILS To Detect Bomb Parts During Demonstration (24.01.2010) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/0..._n_433286.html
I don't use NTFS mounts directly. I access them only via Samba. Let us know how your analysis goes. In my opinion, Apple hasn't enabled write due to licensing issues. Linux has NTFS write support for a long time, so I don't think it is hard for Apple to do.
http://ntfsmounter.com/ does this for you.
Apple should purchase DropBox and be happy.
It is confusing. It seems to be bad wording in the notes. The third line and the last line contradict each other.
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