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By end of Q1 2011, WebOS will have a mobile office suite from other vendors like Quickoffice. It is not a question of too little, too late. Android sucks in user experience and battery life. If HP puts good hardware behind WebOS, it will be a good alternative to the iPhone. Applications can pick up if they push it aggressively.
Install Onyx and clean everything up (after the backup is done).
Microsoft is not to be taken lightly even if it has Steve Ballmer at the top.
Sad, but true. Does iOS has OTA upgrades? Does it patch only what needs fixing?
If Apple can do it, so can we!
Why do applications cause a kernel protection failure? Graphics device driver issue?
There are plenty of articles out there you can read to learn alternative view points. -- Bigger isn't better. Having a country like China / Taiwan manufacture goods in unbelievable quantities for mass consumption in countries like the US isn't good. Only the larger corporations with significant capital reserves can get into the game. This forces any kind of competition out the door. Local industries die out as they can't compete. The relatively poorer...
People need to take responsibility for their decisions in life.
They need need to make these PRO applications Snow Leopard only and use Grand Central. That will take care of hardware scalability.
You expect the customer to do an OS upgrade for a that application?
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