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Hassan... chicken
Bienvenida young lady! Don't take it personal when young over-homonized male-Mac-geeks (most of A.I.'s members...) make lewd comments. This forum is a little better behaved than most. Don't be afraid to contribute any thoughts, ideas or questions. Oh, and happy "thanks for helping us out and as a thank you, we are going to ALMOST completely wipe you pesky Red suckers out..." day. That is, THANKSGIVING!
Good stuff people. midwinter, I already complemented you on the LOST wiki on the "Friday night..." thread. However, I'll say it again, awesome work man. Now, adamrao brings up something I meant to put in and I'm sure the DVD collection will have; the extra footage that should have been included in the tailies tale. That episode should have been at least a two parter. None the less, an excellent episode. Oh well.
Hide Full Of Fleas is pretty much the embodiment of "yuk" herself...
Rather than discussing LOST in the mainly BSG (what a show…) thread http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...0&pagenumber=4 , I felt LOST deserves its own post. So here’s the deal. I really, really wanted to like LOST a LOT. To the writers and actors credit, they have thrown out some juicy morsels from time to time. I’ve stated this before, the idea that these castaways are blithely strolling along through the jungle of LOSTZILLA and its denizens irritates me to no end....
BR, good point but it's never going to revert back to Armistice Day. That name was too specific to WW1 as sacred as that day was held by all nations. I do believe the US should have used another date. However, it's done and set. As I stated before, despite the stupidities commited by our governments, the fallen have to be honored. The fact that Mr. Potato Head, err, the President, used this day to accuse the Democrats of the very thing he was doing is despicable....
Almost missed this one... I'm a veteran of the first Iraq farce, err, Gulf war. So yeah, I consider it a special day and treat it as such. It's becoming something of a tradition for three of my unit brothers and myself to call each other on that day. Even if we haven't spoken to each other the rest of the year. Hopefully we'l keep doing this the rest of our lives. I'm closer to these guys in many ways than I am to my own flesh and blood brothers... I think it's...
L'Angelo hit the nail on the head... This is a reflection of our shallow society. She was given a proper send off by the adnministration. I admit that I am just cynical and jaded enough to know(believe) that it was done as a political expediency. Her passing will be forgotten by the end of this week.
N.U.M., it is kinda funny if rather insensitive. From what I've read of her, she would approve. Rosa Parks, American BaddAss...RIP.
I was in a good mood, so I checked "she'll get voted down". I don't think she's a BIATCH , I just don't see in my layman's eyes how in the F*ck she would be qualified for that position... Yeah, I know. She considers Bush to be the most brilliant man she's ever met. That speaks volumes.
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