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Well, they've arrived... What a technological snooze-fest ay me buckos... However, gotta admit the new towers kick-ass... oops, diferrent thread.
Gheez, that's some tragic as well as macho/stupid crap...
Jiminy groverat, see what you've started...
Oooh, groverat, I wish Moe_en_Tejas would have posted this instead of you. At the time of those comments I still felt Bush was a poor choice for a president. Just for the record, I would have felt the same way about Al Bore. His "speech" at the Cathedrel the following Sunday was also inspirational, I have to admit. However, he and his cronies were a bunch of bullshitters before 9/11 and NOTHING has changed. They still speak with a forked tongue. The only...
Hell no I'm not being sarcastic... That old guy definitely looks like either a Crip or a Blood! I'm really just surprised that those brave "officers" were willing to take him on with just 4 to 1 numbers.
The Overam is a legitimate high-end PC desktop replacement. The Powerbook (arguably, in its present form...)is not. Do you think that kind of power will be available in the Powerbook's present "slimline" form factor, beautiful as it may be? That kind of mobile power comes with some compromises. When the Powerbook finally catches up with the Overam's specs, it will probably be just as big, heavy and run just as hot during high-load applications use. I own Overam's previous...
Hmm, check this out: http://www.overam.com/pages/en/custo...tom-laptop.htm
Nice work webmail!
Also, amazingly and admirably, the victim is refusing to call this racially motivated... Wow. To be fair to the "officers", he does look like a dangerous thug.
Did you look here lad... http://ifh.firstones.com/ It's right there in Download. Oh, and go to sleep!
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