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Hey people, does anyone here have a Pismo with the PowerLogix Bluechip G3 900MHz upgrade? How does it handle Panther? I realize you don't get the benefit of Quartz Extreme with the 8MB video card. I can live with that if overall system response is good. My Pismo is the 400MHz model. It's in cherry condition and I like the form factor and "feel" of it more than the new generation PB's. However, you can imagine that it runs Panther like a slug, at least it feels that way...
Chill dude... I was just having a little bit of fun with the "kiss-fest" you guys have going on here at AI. I was a member of AI close to it's beginning. Under a different "nick" of course.
For my first reply here at AI, I'd just like to say, y'all need to get a life!!!
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