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I carry my Kindle Fire in my back pocket of my Dockers dress pants all the time.
I'd buy one without a doubt. In fact I have a Kindle Fire BECAUSE I don't have a Apple option that's in the 7" screen site realm. I tried using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus for a bit and returned it. Retail price is $400, got it on sale for $300 and it's just so underwhelming for the money. At least with the Kindle Fire it was only $169.99 shipped so I don't feel like I'm wasting money on an inferior product since there simply just isn't an Apple option. Any...
Stay classy.
Wow people sure have some hostility here. I'm not a developer. I never claimed to be. I had a pretty straight forward question that didn't require such rude replies. (those that were actually helpful excluded of course) It's always the same. Big tough replies in a manner most would never do face to face with someone just asking a question. Perhaps in the future a simple restraint of ones self will be the choice that wins out over treating a complete stranger...
Did I claim to be? Thanks.
I uploaded my library with iTunes Match, which was a trial in itself. When I upgraded from iTunes 10.5 Beta 6 to Beta 7, my Match option disappeared on the left side of iTunes. I search high and low and couldn't find any want to fix it so I just completely removed iTunes from my Mini running Lion and then did a fresh install of iTunes 10.5 Beta 7. Yea! My Match feature is back! But this I notice that I had some album in there that I forgot about that I...
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