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can I buy a USB fan after March 1?
just COOincidence
For trying to boost the stock price of your company... there is a rumor for that. That's it.
One thing is sure: after the agreement (with the unknown amount of compensation) if Android makers copy the clock from iOS, they could be, should be in trouble. By the way, if Apple paid for the design, it would want exclusivity right, exactly to protect itself from the copytitors.
The imagine of the sun and the moon perfectly symbolize an arrow, for me, and so the direction of the indicator, what is missing in the costly applied new iOS design
ok, it's a good point.
There is a problem for me about this design. Tradicionally, the indicator end of the second hand has an arrow shape, at more modern ones it's just a straight line. The circular shape used to mean the opposite end of the hand. You can argue that the opposite end also used to be shorter so that can indicate which end of the hand is which. However, as it looks unusually the indicator direction with the circular shape, it's confusing. Check them:   I didn't mean Apple could...
You're looking at it wrong. It's not about how much it means for Apple, it's about the price for a design part of a software. Perhaps you can find some cases where someone paid for names, logos, use of images but design of an irrelevant part of an app... Apple has never won the case against MS when it was obvious for everyone that MS has mirrored (copied invertedly) the design of the Mac OS. Also how Google has done the same with the design of iOS in its Android.
This is something that deserves to be in the Guinness World Records.
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