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    Well, they didn´t pass the Apple quality control.
    But much better than Retina and specially under direct sun light.
    You say like the Retina Display that only Samsung is producing for Apple with enough quality control?
Well, well, well... That is something that the user of Samsung Galaxy phones (and Samsung Window Phones) are enjoying from years ago... SuperAMOLED display, a registered Samsung brand is exactly that.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_AMOLED
Probably the Android users can afford their phone bills...
Samsung is spinning off the LCD division because they are strongly investing in OLED technology and that is their future in display tech. Right now Samsung will stop to sell LCD devices in China, only LED and AMOLED will be sold. Samsung is investing in new AMOLED factories for high resolution displays and new high resolution LED. I really doubt in 2 years we can find Samsung devices with LCD displays.
If the info from Nomura Research is true, the flexible AMOLED could be the answer for a bezel-less Galaxy S III (or the rumored new Galaxy B series). That could be one of the uses of that tech.
I really doubt the Samsug´s AMOLED production will be for 3rd company more than Samsung. Samsung expect to focus all its AMOLED production for SMD division.
Apps is not just for Twitter, Facebook or any other social app. The option for connection, remote control, notifications are present in the apps. A fridge with apps, for product expire notification, redistribution of products by quality, type and temperature would run and would be updated like an app. Image gallery, TV and radio programs, internet browsers and social networking are just more option for these products. Many people go to appliance store to ask for the...
The only Samsung Galaxy Tab is not getting the Android 4.0 was the first one (2010). All the Galaxy Tab with Honeycombs, including the Tab 7" Plus will get it. The Tab 7.7" is the new Samsung gold-cup, I really doubt Samsung won´t push Android 4 for it.
New Posts  All Forums: