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Hi, Am just going thorought that faise where I have orded a powerbook, and waiting for it to get to me! It said it had been shiped last night on the apple site. I was just wondering how long it normal takes if you are a uk resident to get to you from that point, and which delivery company drops it off. Would be graitfull for any info, David.
have always thought about this problem with power cords etc, and if you dont have them, then having to have a batery or something. Would'nt it be cool if you did not need either. Like you had airport kind of power. Sounds totaly un-realistic, but think about mobile phones / and espeshial radio!!! And how long has that been out for!
About the bluetooth. i think that it could be really usefull. I think that yes it has been over hiped, but I think that it should be incorpirated, and would be very usefull when otherthings in the house / office etc, start to get chips installed. I think that the airport card, should also be a bluetooth chip. [ 12-20-2001: Message edited by: dmarks ]

This is probably the wrong place to put this, probably not even relivant, but wanted to put the idea somewhere, if it is not just obvious; People keep on talking about Bluetooth, Wirless Mouses and Air Port. Why not just make a new air port card, that will have built in bluetooth as well (if the bluetooth, can not totaly replace air port) (but still an airport shaped card so it will fit in the G4 Powerbooks etc). The wirless keyboard and mouses (when released by apple)...
What is going on with apple? I want to spend £3000 on a Ti book, with this new combo etc, and phoned them on Monday to ask why america was doing it but not the uk? They told me that they did not know abou this and would have a look and give me a call back. First they did not call me back, but when i call them later in the day they said it would be availabe tommrow. Tommrow came Tue, and it was on the front page of there site, but you can not buy it yet, just the old one...
yeh, i just saw the US apple site is selling the comib, but the no UK site. I have phoned the apple, and they said they would get back to me and that they should to the same as the US.
Hi all, I am looking at all this stuff about new G5 desktops. What is the chance that their may just be a new G4 Powerbook, or upgraded G4 powerbook with CD-RW and DVD? Basicaly any nice change that people think likley to the Powerbook? David.
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