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Gives Samsung a chance to ready their ass for another good ole slapping! 
ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... BOOOOOOOM   Is probably the sound more likely ringing in the ears of SAMESUNG and it's Pimp - Google!   YOU'RE ASS JUST GOT SOUNDLY NUKED!
Very good point and I completely agree with you!
Yes,   this was just the opening battle/shot across the bow of a much larger target - if I were Google - I'd be lawyering up right now...   YOU'RE NEXT GOOGLE!
Asia is the Wild West when it comes to IP - that pretty much sums up their take on other peoples innovation! They aren't capable of their own - so they just steal it.   The judges in South Korea - paid lackies with absolutely no credibility or fundamental concept of justice. Justice in SOuth Korea = whose paying my golf membership!   What a joke! 
    http://www.dailytech.com/Android+Earnings+Report+Pt+I+Samsung+Wins+Big+HTC+Plummets/article24403.htm   Found the above... even the article quotes SAMSUNG as... "Clearly Samsung's bolder approach, which in a way echoes Apple, Inc. (AAPL) is winning out." That just pretty much sums up the industries answer to why SAMSUNG is making soooo much money at the moment. I'd love to see HTC, Motorolla, and SAMSUNG spend some time and money - collaboratively - and develop a REAL...
I completely agreeand if Samsung just gets a slap on the wrists, it totally opens the market, GLOBALLY, for anyone to copy anything  - if the jury gets this wrong, the tech industry is going to turn into the Wild West, and Samsung will be the lead gang - doing as they please! Not a good thing for anyone, least of all global consumers!
I'd have to agree
Samsung - the stupidest company on Earth - ROFLMAO!
Now that's what you call an APPLE ORCHARD!
New Posts  All Forums: