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wow! a littel google on quartz composer has thrown up fantastic results. wonder how long before they are able to come up woth something interesting. if apple doesnt quickly come up with something in this space (high end 2d picture post), it may lose a potential market. ALL the commercials post houses that we work with, run on smoke on SGI or smoke on Linux. with budgets always in the crunch, cheaper alternatives are always required.
I knew this story but still dont know if Apple is at all planning to come out witha fusion of Shake and Motion. true, Nuke is the best comping tool out there as of now. I was even shocked to hear EOL announced for Combustion!
anyone got a clue about Apple Shake? a fantastic software was just removed from the market, for what? there were rumours of Shake being turned into something else? any thoughts? any rumours?
apple will definitely launch its own lighter version of mobile computing device. its also the demand of the market., my businessmen friends are already complaining of having to lug aropund an expensive fully loaded laptop which becomes hopelessly obsolete in around 18 months' time. most of them are purchasing smaller underpowereed machines for travel and giant desktops. this is where i believe the market is. of course for create and graphic work, it would be lovely to have...
the way i see things logically: apple has optimized all its core pro applications to run on 64bit. even the new version of Logic Audio is due out soon, optimized for G5, 64bit.apple has a strong market and loyalty in the pro audio area. lotsa peopel here use powerbooks. it would be foolish not to offer 64bit processing here. also the very fact that the iBooks are now G4 mean that there is going to be a significant change of PowerBook chips. maybe not the 970, but who...
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