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"...plan to make the company's stores more conducive for selling new product categories like the Apple Watch." Time will tell!
 Wouldn't the word "waste" be a more appropriate word in the UK... it was when I lived there.
Another home run by Apple!
"Ironically, since its release 'Move to iOS' has been the subject of intense ridicule on the Google Play Store, where it's received thousands of one-star reviews." At last they get it... they finally get it!
 There are two trees... so they must be a 'pear'  :)
 So does that mean the new Apple car will be packed with sensors and never bump into anything else on the road?
I think Apple could announce an iDrone... after all, there have been enough clips aired of the new construction site, so maybe they were testing it all the time under, I mean above, our noses! On the other hand, if Tim announced an iDrone on stage he'd have to be quite snappy with the presentaton... otherwise trolls would accuse him of droning on and on and on...
 Same here... I began publishing professionally with a Mac IIVX in 1992 and have only found it necessary to call them once in 23 years... five years ago they replaced the motherboard on a MacBook Pro in a couple of days, completely free of charge, even though it was out of warranty.
Looks very fishy to me!
 Maybe they need those phones back because they're 'over-clocked' ones?
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