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Like you, here in France we drive "left-hookers" - so because the seat-belt crosses where the defibrillator is placed it's permissible here to drive "unbelted" after obtaining an official doctor's letter to show the gendarmes if you are stopped for not wearing a belt as required by law. My choice in life aged 70 is to walk every day - sold my car 4 years ago - but if I do hitch a lift I sit on the passenger side so the seat-belt is across my right chest.
Wondered about this myself after I had a cardiovario defibrillator inserted a couple of months ago and told the battery would need to be changed after perhaps 7 years. My operation in a French hospital was very good... 30 minutes with a local anaesthetic, so I was in and out in no time!
"With a belief that Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry is in its death throes, major corporations and organizations continue to transition their employees away from the platform, with the latest discontinuation coming from pharmaceutical company Pfizer." For Blackberry, the loss of pharmaceutical company Pfizer must be a bitter pill to swallow! ;~/ [ Note to self: I apologize but fully expect that hitting "submit" will post this reply twice... but if I try to delete...
[Deleted duplicate post] Jeez... hit "Submit" once and four posts appear!
The corporate name "SoftGoo" springs to mind... perhaps that's why they don't merge!
I'm still on 10.4.11... and feel soooo out of the loop when reading Ai 8-/
That infamous Shirley McClaine line comes to mind!
Samescum directors... "How the fruck can we brild a brigger one by next year?"
That must have been a sweet deal. Apparently (from Wiki) in 2012 she was the highest paid CEO in the UK making $26.3 million.
Quote... "All attendees signed a waiver permitting them to be photographed before being admitted to the event." I'm guessing that was because a TV company is making a compilation of puzzled people slapping their foreheads, looking up at the ceiling and generally looking like idiots!
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