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This is the most erotic review I've read since leering over an Anne Summers' brochure as a teenager, "rubberized sheathing, velvety cloth... soft touch rubber skin pulls down from... gently curving lines... It's soft, flexible... a plump dumpling... flipping the puck up... the thin loop of excess rubber... to activate nightstand mode... cord free experience..." I had to stop reading when I reached, "provides friction to keep the puck stable and is silky smooth in operation."
 I was thinking perhaps bison farts! Must have been millions of them roamin' around pre-Colombus times!
Slightly related... I noticed several times during the rugby World Cup semi-final that the Argentinian coach Daniel Hourcade - whose emotional sobbing at the result gained quite a bit of TV and press coverage with repeat showings - as did the Apple Watch on his wrist.
Ah... but Sammy will bounce back with their new, enormous 18.4-inch Galaxy View tablet! Size, especially inches, matters to us guys! /s
 Someone - a decent, hard-working council employee for example - has to clear up this mess which looks pretty bad... and it won't be the only German town it's happening in... http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a01_1444530043
"...plan to make the company's stores more conducive for selling new product categories like the Apple Watch." Time will tell!
 Wouldn't the word "waste" be a more appropriate word in the UK... it was when I lived there.
Another home run by Apple!
"Ironically, since its release 'Move to iOS' has been the subject of intense ridicule on the Google Play Store, where it's received thousands of one-star reviews." At last they get it... they finally get it!
 There are two trees... so they must be a 'pear'  :)
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