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 Same here... I began publishing professionally with a Mac IIVX in 1992 and have only found it necessary to call them once in 23 years... five years ago they replaced the motherboard on a MacBook Pro in a couple of days, completely free of charge, even though it was out of warranty.
Looks very fishy to me!
 Maybe they need those phones back because they're 'over-clocked' ones?
 When I published and edited magazines in the UK in the 1990s we called this type of article 'advertorial'. Nothing wrong with it because, as you state, it's pretty obvious... but also informative. Publishers do it occasionally - you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, kinda thing - the trick is to not do it all that often!
Just in the final paragraph I read, "is expected%u2026 at least%u2026 known as%u2026 might also%u2026 if it exists%u2026 might%u2026 Regardless%u2026 is rumored%u2026" I'm considering my first ever smartphone purchase... but you guys are playing around with my expectations!
"Apple's photo sharing based on facial recognition patent application was filed for in February 2013 and credits Richard H. Salvador and Steve G. Salvador as its inventors." What are the chances the inventors are twins and they created the software because 'friends and followers' couldn't easily tell them apart on social media?
A city of London trader got 14 years in jail yesterday as a result of 'manipulating' the LIBOR rate... and more court cases are to follow. Beats me how Wall Street traders and 'analysts' get away scot-free with doing something similar, year after year, to line their own pockets.
"Finally, we will again note that while this simple VR kit can be a lot of fun, it will also probably make you nauseous. You've been warned." A lot of things about Google make me nauseous!
Why am I thinking, "For surveillance on us!" Is it the shape of the aircraft... or is it a new phase for Facemuck?
"Virginal" comes to mind  :)
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