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I suspect this pebble will sink like a stone!
Looks like Google's mantra has changed from "Don't Be Evil" to "Recycle Your Waste".
Man, tell me this is true... cos my window boxes of weed could take on a whole new usefulness! ;-/
 Calme... ze beeg Yankees tend to forget ze "Vente de la Louisiane". Typical small island mentality... n'est pas?
"The court filing describes Britto's trade dress as involving bright colors, thick black lines, and combinations of different patterns in upbeat themes." Oh... just like the art that the late Roy Lichtenstein had been doing for years before that!
In the photographic world it's well known that Sony are the major maker of sensor chips for both Nikon and Canon DSLRs. An article at Chipworks describes some of the pro models using them... http://www.chipworks.com/en/technical-competitive-analysis/resources/blog/full-frame-dslr-cameras-part-1-nikon-vs-sony/   I'm also sure that Nikon still make the 'stepper motors' (I've forgotten the technical term) which Sony uses to manufacture the chips for Nikon... so these...
"There is an appetite for a platform that can provide a productivity experience that remains consistent across multiple form factors and device types, and we believe Microsoft is well positioned to capture some of that demand." That made me smile... it took them long enough to catch on to an idea that Apple have been executing beautifully for years.
I'm guessing the photo wasn't taken during a busy shopping period... though I could be wrong
 Kudos to you, man, on all your comments in this thread... or as is said here in France... "Chapeau!"
I'm guessing it's an app for the iPhone that can use the camera to scan old 45s, 78s and LPs and, in an instant, record the tracks!  :)
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