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[Deleted duplicate post] Jeez... hit "Submit" once and four posts appear!
The corporate name "SoftGoo" springs to mind... perhaps that's why they don't merge!
I'm still on 10.4.11... and feel soooo out of the loop when reading Ai 8-/
That infamous Shirley McClaine line comes to mind!
Samescum directors... "How the fruck can we brild a brigger one by next year?"
That must have been a sweet deal. Apparently (from Wiki) in 2012 she was the highest paid CEO in the UK making $26.3 million.
Quote... "All attendees signed a waiver permitting them to be photographed before being admitted to the event." I'm guessing that was because a TV company is making a compilation of puzzled people slapping their foreheads, looking up at the ceiling and generally looking like idiots!
Mass debaters?
I think this will be offered "free" to everyone who spends at least $500 per year on Amazon listed products... and more probably non-physical items such as e-books and music files.
I'd like to imagine Tim Cook sending a short message to the DOJ and Judge Cote along the lines of an infamous pre-war telegram (I forget... could have been from Louis Meyer of MGM as a blunt reply to a rival film producer's proposal?) which simply read... "**** you... stiff letter follows!" Edit: I see the word spelled "eff you see kay" is now censored... welcome to free speech!
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