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Why am I thinking, "For surveillance on us!" Is it the shape of the aircraft... or is it a new phase for Facemuck?
"Virginal" comes to mind  :)
The use of "Slice" and "Intelligence" as the title of this company seems to be a contradiction in terms!
I'd be wary of saying anything to this product sourced from Amazon, especially going by the name of 'Echo'... it will probably hear you twice and smartly double up on the order! Kerching-kerching!
Maybe this idea is for the day when the proposed Apple iCar arrives, and it won't have a steering wheel... just point your pinkie and the vehicle will turn exactly where you want to go!
"...others decried the inability to gather customer information during transactions."   Oh, so that means it's not just Facebook and Google that want to know everything about what we're going to do before we actually do it!
One should always consider that the word "quality" may not rate highly, or have been looked up too often, in the average Android user's dictionary!
He knows he's got more bytes than the doggie next door!
I suspect this pebble will sink like a stone!
Looks like Google's mantra has changed from "Don't Be Evil" to "Recycle Your Waste".
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