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I'm still on 10.4.11... and feel soooo out of the loop when reading Ai 8-/
That infamous Shirley McClaine line comes to mind!
Samescum directors... "How the fruck can we brild a brigger one by next year?"
That must have been a sweet deal. Apparently (from Wiki) in 2012 she was the highest paid CEO in the UK making $26.3 million.
Quote... "All attendees signed a waiver permitting them to be photographed before being admitted to the event." I'm guessing that was because a TV company is making a compilation of puzzled people slapping their foreheads, looking up at the ceiling and generally looking like idiots!
Mass debaters?
I think this will be offered "free" to everyone who spends at least $500 per year on Amazon listed products... and more probably non-physical items such as e-books and music files.
I'd like to imagine Tim Cook sending a short message to the DOJ and Judge Cote along the lines of an infamous pre-war telegram (I forget... could have been from Louis Meyer of MGM as a blunt reply to a rival film producer's proposal?) which simply read... "**** you... stiff letter follows!" Edit: I see the word spelled "eff you see kay" is now censored... welcome to free speech!
  A word describing a Google Glass user and, by associated implication, a dork... could be a "gawk".   From Wiktionary... "gawk" -  A Middle-Appalachian Americanism, since late 1800s, possibly misconstruing French "gauche," and leading to use of adj gawky for a person or process that is uncoordinated or awkward.   Sounds about right to me  ;~)
I nearly stopped reading at the three "setting-up" problems... but felt like being amused whilst the kettle was boiling. Then when I got to, "In order to hear in noisy environments we had best results by putting our fingers in our ears" I almost spilled my hot tea. Glowing review it wasn't... entertaining laughable reading it became!  
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