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All the negative AI comments finally got to him!  s/  
  Perhaps there are connections within the local Masonic Lodge... there are often rumors circulating in the UK of British judges and policemen with one trouser leg rolled-up, giving secret handshakes and thus being involved in Freemasonry... Boaz!
I've lived in France for a decade and Orange is the biggest rip-off company I know of... I loathe them as much as Google, which is a lot!   But I don't know where does French arrogance stems from... did they perhaps ask too much for Louisiana two centuries ago?  ;~)
So are the NYPD going after the thieves employed by Samesung?  
"...His hedge fund has been an investor in AAPL stock since 2010."   Ah, one of the long-time/long-term faithful then!
I think Samsung commissioned "Unit 61398" to hack into Apple's account to see just how many iPhones were sold... rather than shipped!
  As a British-born 69-year-old writer, former publisher and editor, my experience of the word "math" is that it is primarily American. When I see it used in print, or hear it on British radio and TV, it is used only by Americans. "Maths" (as in the short form of mathematics) is always used in Britain, and also appears to be used primarily in the rest of the English-speaking world. However, language changes with time... but another word spelling increasingly used by...
"...900,000 Surface tablets were sold in the fourth quarter"   Can you imagine the gushing press conference when they reach the magic 1 million!  ;~)
 Bien sûr... and for French users it will be configured as an "AZERTY" keyboard.
Jeez... next thing my girlfriend* will want something that pushes iPhone alerts to her personal vibrator!   * Thank goodness my wife would never want such a gadget.
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