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Quote... "All attendees signed a waiver permitting them to be photographed before being admitted to the event." I'm guessing that was because a TV company is making a compilation of puzzled people slapping their foreheads, looking up at the ceiling and generally looking like idiots!
Mass debaters?
I think this will be offered "free" to everyone who spends at least $500 per year on Amazon listed products... and more probably non-physical items such as e-books and music files.
I'd like to imagine Tim Cook sending a short message to the DOJ and Judge Cote along the lines of an infamous pre-war telegram (I forget... could have been from Louis Meyer of MGM as a blunt reply to a rival film producer's proposal?) which simply read... "**** you... stiff letter follows!" Edit: I see the word spelled "eff you see kay" is now censored... welcome to free speech!
  A word describing a Google Glass user and, by associated implication, a dork... could be a "gawk".   From Wiktionary... "gawk" -  A Middle-Appalachian Americanism, since late 1800s, possibly misconstruing French "gauche," and leading to use of adj gawky for a person or process that is uncoordinated or awkward.   Sounds about right to me  ;~)
I nearly stopped reading at the three "setting-up" problems... but felt like being amused whilst the kettle was boiling. Then when I got to, "In order to hear in noisy environments we had best results by putting our fingers in our ears" I almost spilled my hot tea. Glowing review it wasn't... entertaining laughable reading it became!  
  Good point, but it is actually six and a bit decades... Orwell finished writing "Nineteen Eighty-Four" in 1949.
  So Al's (AppleInsider, not Jolson) response would be, "I'm just not wild about Harry..."
Quote: "They are issues that arise from the taxation systems in other jurisdictions, and that is an issue that has to be addressed first of all in those jurisdictions," Deputy Prime Minister Gilmore said.   Or as the late, great Irish comedian Frank Carson used to say... "It's the way I tell 'em!"  
"Google, a pioneer in searching the Internet, is arguing that it would be unduly burdened by producing a list of how it searched its own files..."   Perhaps they should have used DuckDuckGo or Bing!
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