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Jeez... next thing my girlfriend* will want something that pushes iPhone alerts to her personal vibrator!   * Thank goodness my wife would never want such a gadget.
Quote from the article: "...the yacht, named "Venus,..."   English schoolboys in the '50/60s used to sing...   "Twas on the good ship Venus, By God you should have seen us, The figurehead was a pro* in bed, And the mainmast was a penis."   * "pro" is English for a prostitute, or hooker on your side of the pond.   Can't remember any more verses... but I'm glad Starck stuck to his tried and tested modern-minimalistic design style for the yacht.  
Kasper quoted... "Of those 2.6 million (China) sales, Apple accounted for 71.4 percent... SNIP... while Apple's rival Samsung came in fourth with 3.5 percent of tablet sales."   Is this Samesung's "China Syndrome" ?  
  OK... I get it, so will pander to your "across the pond" sense of *humor  ;~)   *Note American spelling of humour.
"We are now designing, researching, and/or implementing corrective actions..."   I didn't realise the words "designing" and "researching" were in Samescum's vocabulary. Is this a first?  
Korean company Samescum thinking... ah-so, HTC licence Apple patents, so now we copy Taiwanese company HTC... therefore no problem from Apple!  
  I remember it well... she replied, "If you've got the money!"
  That's what comes of constantly taking sideways steps  ;~)
  An increasing number of English words and their "new" uses have become acceptable this century... but it does not necessarily make them proper. On your side of the pond more and more photographers are writing "lense" when describing a "lens" (singular)... so much so it has become acceptable, although it is neither proper nor correct. Let's just hope, in order to keep this "on thread", that Jony Ive will uphold standards... but of course, he is a Brit  ;~)   PS: My...
Remember those famous two words... "Think Different".   And my two words... Love it!
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